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    BVT’s English offerings help students move beyond reading for mere comprehension and guide them in constructing clear responses for diverse audiences. Our offerings encourage students to think critically and purposefully about the meaningful choices that authors make, ultimately leading students to consider the choices they make when deciding to add their voice into any given civil or academic discourse.
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  • Meet Our Teachers

    Our English teachers are accomplished,
    well-read individuals who know their subject
    intimately, but most importantly,
    care deeply about our students.

    Shaun Kehowski – Team Leader
    Deanna Badjo
    Scott Diesenhaus
    John Flagg
    Nicholas Maloney
    Danielle Miles
    Chelsea Orifice
    Alicia Winske


    Silent Climate Strike 1
    Silent Climate Strike
    While kids worldwide are on strike for the climate in over 200 nations, our English teacher, Danielle Miles, spoke with her sophomores and juniors about global climate change and how could they make a difference. They discussed the issue and pondered…”What does climate change mean to me?” Students took pen to paper to share their viewpoints by participating in Room 511’s Silent Climate Strike. Here’s how a few of our juniors answered that question:

    “Climate change means that the Earth is calling out for help; Earth is dying along with the living carbon-based organisms and climate change is the way the earth is reaching out for help.”

    – Rosa Walrath, Painting & Design Technology

    “I’m afraid that it’s too late to reverse the course of climate change. Hopefully by recycling and cutting carbon emissions, we can fix it.”

    – Jacob Irons, Automotive Technology

    Silent Climate Strike 2

    “Climate change is concerning to me because if the temperature keeps rising, human and animal health will increasingly get worse over time.”

    – Micah Allegrezza, Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing

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