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    BVT’s English offerings help students move beyond reading for mere comprehension and guide them in constructing clear responses for diverse audiences. Our offerings encourage students to think critically and purposefully about the meaningful choices that authors make, ultimately leading students to consider the choices they make when deciding to add their voice into any given civil or academic discourse.
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    Our English teachers are accomplished,
    well-read individuals who know their subject
    intimately, but most importantly,
    care deeply about our students.

    Alicia Winske – Team Leader
    Deanna Badjo
    Scott Diesenhaus
    John Flagg
    Shaun Kehowski
    Nicholas Maloney
    Danielle Miles
    Chelsea Swan


    Miles Apples 1
    Miles of Apples
    Our English teacher, Danielle Miles, writes about her family, their farm, a sweet family legacy, and the annual tradition of pressing apples for cider in an article titled, Pressing On published in Farm & Ranch Living Magazine, October/November 2020 issue.

    In addition to writing, teaching, and inspiring our students to share their own stories, Ms. Miles is also a horticulturist. She believes that one of the best ways to learn is by doing. She encourages budding enthusiasts to find a garden spot in your yard, till up the soil, and plant some seeds. You may not succeed with all of the plants at first, but you'll learn a lot along the way.

    Miles Apples 2

    "I learned from watching my father, who planted many different varieties of apples in our orchard, he learned from observing his grandfather. My parent's farm has grown a lot over the years, and at one point, we had enough apples in our orchard that my father decided it was time to rehabilitate the 100-year-old Palmer press from his childhood and put it back to work."

    Miles Apples 3
    In doing so, the Miles family has come to celebrate its annual cider fest. From washing the apples to cleaning the press, the entire family gets involved in this cider pressing. Miles writes, "The results feel like pure magic. With tractor rides on the Ford 8N and its handmade trailer, there's fun to be had by every generation. We hope to continue this grand tradition for years to come."

    Embrace the great outdoors, spend time with your family, make traditions, and celebrate the magic of the season. What is your favorite family tradition? Join the conversation on our Twitter and Instagram sites.