• Where Art, Design, and Passion Come to Play
    Creative expression is an innate human instinct, a tradition of all world cultures, and an essential skill in contemporary society. Our Visual Arts Program inspires and cultivates creative thinkers through inventive projects that support self-reflection and problem-solving.

    In our Art Studio curriculum, we teach our students a variety of art forms and techniques while exposing them to a diversity of artists, styles, and movements from art history and contemporary art. Developing these techniques and honing their artistic style is integral to our student's freedom of self-expression and growth in becoming successful artists and lifelong patrons of the arts.

  • 9 Art Studio 9, Art Studio 10 & Art Studio 11
    Our Visual Arts Program consists of a series of Art Studio classes that are specially designed for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. Each Art Studio class offers different content, so each grade level has a unique experience. 

    This choice-based curriculum gives our students access to an array of 10 two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) materials to do creative projects based on their interests.

    Students enjoy tapping into that child-like wonder while learning a variety of techniques, working with different materials, and incorporating the elements and principles of art and design. Along with creative work, students will explore a diversity of historical and 11 contemporary artists and practice skills for viewing and understanding art.

  • 12 Advanced Art Studio 
    Building upon the skills and techniques learned in Art Studio for grades 9, 10, and 11, our Advanced Art Studio classes are designed for our seniors who are interested in a more rigorous and ambitious curriculum while developing a portfolio to apply to art school or directly enter the workforce to pursue a profession in the art field.

  • Artsonia for Students
    Each of our Art Studio classes uses the Artsonia website and app to access assignments, submit projects, and share finished artwork. Students can create an account and log into Artsonia using the school code given to them by Mr. Knall.
    Take a peek at our Art Studio class work on Artsonia

  • Artsonia for Parents
    Parents, we know how proud you are of your creative artist. So, we invite you to create an account on Artsonia where you can view your teen's artwork, share it with family and friends, and even order high-quality prints. Create an account today!

  • Meet Our Teachers

    Our Visual Art teachers are talented,
    creative individuals, who are
    passionate about art and design,
    and enjoy sharing their love
    of art with our students.

    Gerald Knall
    Zachary Pelham

    Find Your Tribe!
    Want to explore your creative side
    and play with a mix of art techniques
    and mediums? Join our Art Club.
    We meet on Tuesdays and
    Thursdays after school in the art studio.
    Surround yourself with like-minded
    people and form long-lasting friendships
    with other young artists.

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