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    The Visual Arts program encourages our students the freedom of self-expression and growth through an exploration of the arts. We strive to inspire and cultivate creative thinkers through inventive projects that support self-reflection and problem-solving. The 2D and 3D Track courses give our 10th and 11th graders the chance to explore the elements and principles of the visual arts in a variety of media. Whereas the Senior Art Studio course inspires appreciation and application of some of the world’s most influential art throughout the ages and how it's relevant to today's culture.

    In addition, the Visual Arts program works collaboratively with our Multimedia Communications program to aid students in concept development, while happily assists any art students in advancing their career in the field of art and design.
  • 9 Introduction to Art 
    In the first year of Visual Arts, our freshmen will acquire a basic foundation in understanding and producing original works of art by applying the elements and principles of art and design. Students work on a combination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects applying basic art theory concerning aesthetics and conceptual development. Emphasis on the studio habits of mind and exploration in a variety of media provides broad exposure to the Visual Arts.
  • 102D Illustration & Design
    In this 2D track, our sophomores get to explore 2-dimensional conceptual projects and developing studio habits through drawing and painting: colored pencil rendering, pen and ink illustration, acrylic painting, watercolor painting and ink painting: collage and mixed media. Students learn to implement line, shape, color, space, texture, and value in relationship to compositional study. Students study these techniques through the lens of contemporary 2D artists. *
  • 102D Sculpture
    In this 3D track, our sophomores get to explore sculpting, building, constructing, and deconstructing with unconventional and traditional materials alike. Projects examine space, volume, mass, plane, and line with emphasis on developing studio habits of mind in each assignment. Students experiment with plaster, clay, wire, and recycled materials. Projects highlight process, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Lastly, students study contemporary sculptors and designers contextualizing the work they are doing in class. *
  • 112D 2D Fine Arts 
    This 2D track is offered to our juniors who previously enrolled in Intro to Art and/or Illustration & Design as freshmen and sophomores. Students create work strongly rooted in drawing, painting, mixed media, and printmaking as they strengthen observational and life rendering skills. Two-dimensional projects encourage students to explore personal meaning through portraits, perspective, still lives, landscapes, and abstract work. Materials include charcoal, ink collage, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. For inspiration, students will study and discuss past and present influences in the art world. *
  • 113D 3D Fine Arts 
    Students explore functional and decorative forms using traditional media such as clay, wood, wire, plaster, and foam. Basic molding, hand-building, and modeling techniques are studied to create durable structures with aesthetic beauty. Students draw inspiration from contemporary and historical three-dimensional artists with strong conceptual communication and technical ability. Projects emphasize problem solving, creativity, and craftsmanship. *
  • 12 Senior Art Studio 
    In the final year of Visual Arts, our seniors get the opportunity to explore a variety of media, concepts, and issues, and they learn about diverse cultures and classical masters while being empowered to explore personal projects. Rooted in discussion and partnered with learning two-dimensional and three-dimensional media and techniques, students will discover what makes the master artists of the past relevant to today.
  • 12Art School Prep 
    This advanced course in the Visual Arts is for our seniors who show a serious interest in applying to an undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Students will develop a body of artwork for their portfolio through in-class and at-home studio time. They will strengthen their artistic process through involved observational and conceptual projects. Discussions will include art school options, art careers, college requirements, and scholarships. Students will also have the opportunity to meet visiting artists and tour colleges.

                                        Prerequisite: Recommendation from our Visual Art instructors, plus a
                                        minimum of one previous on campus art course or an approved 
                                        off campus art course experience.

  • * Students have the ability to switch “tracks.” For instance, if they’re enrolled in Illustration & Design their sophomore year, they can certainly enroll in 3D Fine Arts for their junior year. The tracks simply give students the ability to focus their studies.

  • Meet Our Teachers

    Our Visual Art teachers are talented,
    creative individuals who know their
    subject intimately, but most importantly,
    care deeply about our students.

    Ashley Maclure – Team Leader
    Kelly Garabadian

    An Artist Gets Her Wings 5

    BVT in the News: Congratulations to
    Annabelle O'Reilly on painting an interactive
    wing mural in her hometown. Looking for
    a peaceful place to walk? Take a stroll in
    the Hopedale Parklands. Look for the mural,
    strike a pose, snap a picture, and
    share with us your wings.


    Stay Creative & Connected!
    Students taking art with Ms. MacLure
    can now find homework if you were absent,
    class projects that you’re currently working on,
    sketchbook assignments, and even a list
    of next week’s art projects.

    Art Club
    Want to explore your creative side and play
    with a mix of art techniques and mediums?
    Join our Art Club. We meet on Tuesdays and
    Thursdays after school in the art studio.
    Surround yourself with like-minded
    people and form long-lasting friendships
    with other young artists.

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