• World Language
    The Spanish Department helps students develop comprehensive grammar and communication skills, emphasizing an active application of the language, with a goal of aural, oral, and written proficiency. In addition, we aim to increase students’ knowledge and appreciation of the diverse cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. There are courses offered to novice level students, as well as courses for advanced and heritage speakers who wish to experience a total linguistic immersion, thus preparing them for further Spanish studies at the college level.
  • 9

    Spanish l
    Spanish ll   
    Honors Immersion Spanish ll

  • 10
    Spanish l
    Spanish ll
    Spanish lll   
    Honors Immersion Spanish lll  

  • 11
    Spanish l 
    Spanish ll 
    Spanish lll   
    Spanish lV 
    Honors Immersion Spanish lV
  • 12 Spanish ll   
    Spanish lll   
    Spanish lV  
    Spanish V
    AP Spanish Language
    Culture & Civilizations
  • Meet Our Teachers

    Our World Language teachers are
    practiced, well-spoken (bien hablado)
    individuals who know their subject 
    well, but most importantly,
    care deeply about our students.

    Kerry Baldwin – Team Leader
    Yakira Gonzalez
    Rosario O'Neil
    Christopher Toulouse 


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    A Festival Where All are Welcome
    See how we celebrated a variety
    of cultures and traditions at
    our Multicultural Festival
    on Friday, October 28th.