• Career Enrichment
    At BVT, students work on creating a life, one that is true to who they are. What does it take to be employable in the 21st Century? And how do young people go out into the world to become successful adults? In Career Enrichment, we stretch that a bit, asking students to look for a vocation where their personal interests, passion, talents, and character strengths meet the needs of the world.
    Each year students are enrolled in the Career Enrichment course appropriate for their grade. Career Enrichment teachers team up with school counselors, coaching all BVT students in the fundamental skills that ensure adaptability and success in the 21st century.
    Coursework is project-based, mostly digital, and includes a mix of collaborative and individual endeavors. Teachers frame groupwork around individual accountability and team rewards. Student autonomy is expected, encouraged, and supported with clear expectations and direction. Career Enrichment teachers and school counselors deliver strengths-based instruction guided by the tenets of Positive Psychology. Students discover who they are and what they can do as they acquire 21st-century skills and become ready for college, work, and society.
  • 9 Career Enrichment 9 
    Students are introduced to positive and professional workplace behavior – a theme that underlies all four years in Career Enrichment. They explore their character strengths and write a strengths-based autobiography, a document they will continue to develop and revise in the years ahead. Freshmen explore potential career paths, reflect on their vocational exploratory experiences, and begin setting personal and career goals. Projects include conceptual photography, digital storytelling, and public speaking presentations. Seminars and activities incorporate positive psychology; money management; technical, media, and information literacy; and health, nutrition, and wellness.
  • 10 Career Enrichment 10 
    Sophomores concentrate on business literacy with a major project in Management & Entrepreneurship. Students work in small groups to develop a business plan and marketing campaign. The project culminates in the spring with a business plan competition in the BVT Competition Center. Students also work on financial literacy projects covering topics relevant to the business planning process, including insurance and financial services. Seminars and activities incorporate positive psychology, character strengths, goal setting, health, nutrition, and wellness. 
  • 11 Career Enrichment 11 
    Junior year is when students, in a very real and practical sense, turn their attention to the adult world outside of, and beyond, high school. Students start with a college, military, or career research project. They work on the practical aspects of securing a job by writing cover letters and resumes and conducting job searches and mock interviews. They strengthen their public speaking skills through presentations and develop their financial literacy with an earning power project. Seminars and activities incorporate positive psychology, character strengths, goal setting, health, nutrition, and wellness. 
  • 12 Career Enrichment 12 
    In their senior year students further their financial literacy with projects related to borrowing and investing. Positive workplace behavior and professionalism is emphasized as seniors build on their earlier efforts with college, military, and career research projects. Students expand and finalize their Career Action Plans and strengthen their public speaking skills with a portfolio presentation assigned by vocational instructors. Counselors and teachers guide seniors through the SAT process, financial aid, FAFSA filings, and establishing online FAFSA accounts. Seminars and activities incorporate positive psychology, character strengths, goal setting, health, nutrition, and wellness.
  • Meet Our Teachers

    Our Career Enrichment teachers are
    accomplished, motivated individuals
    who know their subject well,
    but most importantly, care deeply
    about our students.

    Joseph Ursoleo – Team Leader
    Ariel Funari
    Erika Gervais
    Jerry Polselli
    Jacob Ramos
    Nicole St. Hilaire