• Social Studies
    The Social Studies Department firmly believes that the study of history helps one understand what happened in the past so that we can study the present while we shape the future. By studying geography, we can grasp the cultures before us and reflect on the changes made to the world with the formation of new countries. The study of American Government will help students reflect on the democracy in which we live and challenge some students to choose a political career. As we work together as a team, we hope to instill in all of our students' critical thinking, map skills, and profound respect for historical data and primary sources.
  • 9

    Honors World History II: 1500 – 1800   
    College Prep World History II: 1500 – 1800   
    World History II: 1500 – 1800

  • 10

    Honors U.S. History I 
    College Prep U.S. History I 
    U.S. History I

  • 11

    Honors US History II  
    College Prep US History II
    U.S. History II

  • 12
    AP U.S. History  
    Honors American Government     
    College Prep American Government   
    American Government 

  • Meet Our Teachers

    Our Social Studies teachers are cultivated,
    engaged individuals who know their subject
    intimately, but most importantly,
    care deeply about our students.

    Megan Wilk – Team Leader
    Robert Jordan
    James Kahler
    Nicole Ledoux
    John Mancone
    Justin O'Leary
    Leonard O'Neil