• Student Packet 1

    Student Packet
    We're ready to kick off another school year! Each year, we ask our new and returning families to read through the Student Packet and complete the Student-Parent/Guardian Sign-Off Form. The Student Packet contains important information, including the student handbook, laptop program, school pictures, and digital use policy. Please read and submit the mandatory sign-off form by Thursday, August 31st. If you have multiple students enrolled at BVT, you will need to complete these forms for each student. 
    Our Student Packet Sign-Off:
    Available in your PowerSchool Portal Account!
    Grades Attendance Forms Screen

    Form 1 Permissions Sign-off - requires both student and parent selections and signatures.

    • School-Based Health Center Permission 
       Consent to your student receiving services from our partners employed by Riverside
       Community Care and Milford Regional Medical Care Center.

    • Photo/Video Release

    • Armed Forces Permissions 
       Public Law 89–10, Sec. 8528, which allows the Armed Forces recruiter to have access
       to the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all students enrolled in schools
       receiving federal funds.  

    • Permission to Transport a Student in a School Vehicle

    Mass General Law Chapter 269 (Section 17th - 19th)

    • Student Handbook Acknowledgment 

    Form 2 Laptop Program Agreement & Student Empowered Digital Use Policy
    Agreement or opt-out of our laptop loan program. 
    Form 3 Student Contact Information Verification
    Please double-check the contact data for the parents/guardians listed in your student's school records. Using this form, you will be able to request edits to parent/guardian e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home, and mailing addresses, as well as update your student's emergency contact information.
    Form 4 Medical Information Forms 
    Complete the Nurse Emergency Form (Grades 10-12 only)
    If you have questions, please see the School Nurse's section for more information.

    Non-Custodial Parents Only
    • Non-Custodial Parents (return only if applicable
    • Student Record Access Request Letter
    • Affidavit for Non-Custodial Parent Student Record Access
    • Notification to Custodial Parent

  • Do You Still Have Questions?

    If you have questions about
    the Student Packet, feel free to
    send your concerns and questions
    to: office@valleytech.k12.ma.us

    Take a moment to familiarize
    yourself with the following schedule, 
    requirements, and policy. Hard copies 
    are available in our Main Office: 

    Bell & Lunch Schedule
    Don't be late for class or
    miss your lunch period.

    Vocational Program Requirements
    To keep yourself safe and ready to learn,
    check out our vocational program's
    uniform and tool requirements.

    ID Badge Policy
    New BVT-approved identification
    badges, lanyards, and ID guards will
    be issued for the 2023-2024 school year
    and are required to be worn by
    all our students when on campus. 

    Accident Insurance Form  
    Parents, let us help you find
    insurance coverage for your teen
    in the event of an unforeseen
    accident on or off campus.