• Plumbing Program
    The Plumbing program offers training in residential and commercial plumbing in accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fuel Gas and Plumbing Code. Students who enjoy collaboration, being on the move, and the satisfaction of seeing the immediate results of their work will find plumbing a good fit. With a strong concentration in science and math, this challenging curriculum includes instruction in the assembly of steel, copper, and cast iron piping, residential hot and cold water distribution systems, drainage waste and vent systems, and the installation of commercial plumbing fixtures. The combination of training within our Plumbing program and real-world plumbing experience under the tutelage of Master Plumbers has resulted in excellent job placements.  
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    Skills You Will Learn:
    • Residential and commercial plumbing code
    • Boiler and hot water heater installation
    • Sizing and installing residential gas hydronic heating systems
    • Sizing and installing water and gas piping
    • Drainage waste and vent systems
    • Blueprint reading
    • Drain cleaning
    • Valve repair
    • Troubleshooting

    Hands-on Projects
    Water Heaters: When you’re cooking, cleaning, or bathing, you turn on your faucet expecting hot water to flow. The water that flows isn’t heated right there and then, it flows in from your water heater. Water heaters come in a variety of designs meant to provide on-demand water to indirect heaters and aqua boosters. Understanding the complexities of water heaters is a major focus area for our sophomores. They learn to identify the components, fittings, and safety valves while honing their ability to solder and pipe fit in a variety of installations. Once installed, the water heating units are tested for coding accuracy and temperature.

    Historical Renovations: The plumbing field, like most trades, is continually evolving and improving its environmental awareness strategies and building codes. Bringing a 200-year-old home into the 21st century was a challenge our students were happy to undertake. The students brought the old plumbing system of the historic Asa Waters Mansion in Millbury up to current standards by repiping it, replacing fixtures, updating bathrooms, and modernizing the kitchen.

    College & Career Placement
    • Construction Management, University of Massachusetts
    • Engineering, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
    • Plumbing Apprentice, Santon Plumbing & Heating
    • Owner, RJ Marcotte Plumbing & Heating
    • Plumber, Victory Plumbing

  • C O N S T R U C T I O N   P A T H W A Y

    • Joseph Corriveau – Team Leader
    • Gus Piazza
    • Michael Carey

    • OSHA 10-hour Card: Construction Industry
    • Massachusetts Plumbing Tier Certification
    • Qualified students receive credited hours
       toward apprenticeship
    • Tier I & II (220-hours)
    • 1 Year Practical Theory

    • Apprentice plumber
    • Plumbing supply worker
    • Boilermaker
    • HVAC mechanic and installer
    • Welder
    • Wastewater treatment facility worker

    Starting Salary: $35,000

    • Small business management
    • Commercial and residential plumber
    • Journeyman license
    • Master license
    • Water transportation
    • Construction manager
    • Construction and building inspector

    Starting Salary: $50,000

    • Systems engineer
    • Stationary engineer
    • Civil engineer
    • Water treatment scientist

    Starting Salary: $70,000

    Employment in the plumbing industry is projected to grow 7% from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations.

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