• HVACR Program
    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
    By providing essential services, the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry offers the well-trained student a great variety of occupations, job security, and opportunities for advancement. Through related theory lessons, laboratory projects, and live work on HVAC&R jobs in the Blackstone Valley, students learn to install and maintain special environments like residential homes, schools, hospitals, offices, restaurants, and factories. Substantial instruction in electrical theory, the physics of heat and fluids, formulas for heat load calculations, as well as basic design and engineering of heating and cooling systems, make HVAC&R a perfect fit for students interested in the fields of applied science and math.

    HVACR Sm 1 2Skills You Will Learn:
    • Basic refrigeration and piping
    • Electrical controls and systems
    • Basic electricity and wiring
    • Commercial refrigeration
    • Air conditioning and heat pumps
    • Fossil fuel and alternative heat
    • Installation of HVAC&R systems
    • Heating and cooling system design

    Hands-on Projects
    HVAC System Design: Our seniors, tasked with installing a gas or oil boiler, have a chance to put their theoretical skills to the test. The HVAC System Design project allows students to flex all of their HVAC muscles as they work with fossil fuels, hot water piping, ventilation, and electrical wiring. Once their boiler is installed, students complete a system startup and performance test to verify a quality installation. The capstone-style project allows our students to utilize a variety of their skills and strengthen their grasp on several aspects of the HVAC&R field.

    Community Outreach: Many of our students learn best by doing. So what better way to get real-world experience than to lend a helping hand to our community. Our students complete renovations and maintain high-efficiency heating and cooling systems in municipal buildings and nonprofit organizations throughout the district. Working directly in the community not only gives our students technical experience, but also teaches them important business skills such as customer relations while they work with the town and business officials.

    College & Career Placement
    • Associate Degree in Applied Science/HVAC&R, Massasoit Community College
    • HVAC&R Engineering Technology and Energy Management, Ferris State University
    • HVAC&R Residential Apprentice, Rodenhiser Plumbing and HVAC&R
    • HVAC&R Service Technician, MSI Mechanical
    • HVAC&R Company Owner, Precision Heating and Cooling

  • C O N S T R U C T I O N   P A T H W A Y
    Heating, Ventilation,
    Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

    • Dan Morin – Team Leader
    • Joshua Dunton
    • Matthew LaJoie

    • OSHA 10-hour Card: Construction Industry
    • Certified trade hours for state HVAC
       technician and pipefitting licenses
    • EPA (Core, Core 1, Core 2 and
       Universal Certification) 
    • Hot Works

    • Commercial HVAC&R apprentice
    • Residential HVAC&R apprentice
    • Ductwork installer
    • HVAC&R control technician
    • Apprentice HVAC&R technician
    • Assistant maintenance technician
    • Apprentice pipefitter

    Starting Salary: $40,000

    • HVAC&R technician
    • System designer
    • Project cost estimator
    • Apprentice HVAC&R engineer
    • Assistant facilities manager
    • Assistant project manager

    Starting Salary: $60,000

    • HVAC&R engineer
    • Design engineer
    • Facilities manager
    • Project manager
    • Senior system designer

    Starting Salary: $80,000

    Employment in the HVAC&R industry is projected to grow 10% from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations.

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