• Parents Helping Parents
    Welcome to Our Parent Advisory Council for Special Education
    Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is an organization run by parents in conjunction with our Special Education Services staff. The PAC mission is to give emerging young adults with different learning styles and special needs a voice, engage with and support their parents, and nurture an environment of inclusion, respect, and appreciation.

    Empowering Parents
    We all learn and comprehend concepts differently, and some students may benefit from extra tools and strategies to assist with the challenges of the world ahead. We want to empower our parents by understanding special education regulations better and being aware of their rights and the services available to their families under the law. The PAC is here to advise on matters that pertain to the health, safety, and education of their young adult's special needs.

    If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a member of our Special Education Services staff or a PAC board member. We are here to help you with questions, seek guidance, and foster involvement. All information shared will be kept confidential. We believe in working together to resolve issues and advocate for the students in the special needs community as a whole.

  • Parents Helping Parents
    Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) welcomes your input and involvement. You are cordially invited to attend our regularly scheduled meetings and to become involved in your child's education. The Director of Special Education meets regularly with the PAC members in planning, development, and evaluation of our Special Education Services programs.  

    Connect with other parents who share a common experience by joining our PAC today!



  • 2023–2024 PAC Meetings

    Basic Rights Presentation 2023

    Annual Basic Rights in
    Special Education Presentation

    Parents of our 9th and 11th graders,
    join us on Wednesday, September 20th
    from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

    For more information, contact
    Kristin Martell, Team Chair at:

    NOTE: The Executive Planning Board
    will meet throughout the school
    year as needed.

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