• Admissions Open House
    You’ve accepted the challenge of a BVT education. Now what? 
    Between the rigorous academics, vocational-technical training, and extracurricular activities, keeping pace with the demands of life at BVT is a tall task for even the most talented of students and most supportive of parents. But fear not, this PARENTS & STUDENTS section is your go-to resource for day-to-day information such as the daily announcements, school calendar, lunch menu, and bus routes, as well as your guide to the diverse programs and services dedicated to helping you navigate the daily challenges and rewards of the BVT experience. 

    We are honored to help along the way.
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    Anthony Steele II
    Assistant Superintendent-Director/Principal
  • Get Important Information When You Need It!New Students
    Freshmen and transfer students can hit the ground running by following the Start of School To-Do List
    Student Packet 
    It all starts with the Student Packet. Please read the Student Packet page, complete the online Student-Parent/Guardian Sign-Off Form, and submit it before Thursday, August 31st. Hard copies of all forms are available in the Main Office if needed.
    By completing the Student-Parent/Guardian Sign-Off Form, parents ensure that their wishes are followed regarding issues such as the use of their child's image, restrictions on access to their child's information, and participation in armed forces recruitment. The Student Packet also includes important information and notices regarding MCAS dates, program requirements, and our identification badge policy. Please be attentive to this mandatory sign-off which includes student and parent signatures.

    After Thursday, August 31st, your student will not be allowed to log in to their computer account or be transported for class activities if the forms are not completed and submitted.
    Student Handbook
    The rules and policies of Blackstone Valley Tech are found in the Student Handbook. Parents and students are required to submit signed acknowledgments that they’ve read and discussed the importance of complying with the rules and policies within the handbook.
    Parent Newsletter
    The Link is a direct connection between Blackstone Valley Tech and the parents and guardians of current students. The newsletter is chockfull of need-to-know information for students and families, including important deadlines, special events, and student achievements. Link up to our parent newsletter!

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