• Protecting Your Investment

    Protecting Your Investment
    Our students often describe BVT as a home away from home. When it comes to protecting our homes (and our school), the roof is often the first line of defense. It protects us and everything underneath it from the outside elements — rain, snow, hail, sleet, wind, and the hot sun — making the roof an important aspect of any building. 

    Simply put, our school’s roof is the primary protector of your investment. Therefore, we remain fiscally responsible while doing everything we can to maintain our roof and everything underneath. Our Facilities personnel use all available resources to perform routine maintenance. We’ve previously self-funded roof repairs by participating in the MSBA Accelerated Repair Program to make improvements when needed that made our building more energy-efficient and generated substantial cost savings for the District. 

    Always mindful of your investment, we carry out our mission with care and consideration to cost. We enhance our vocational, academic, and community offerings with grants that strengthen our ability to serve our students and the greater community. We also continue to explore and investigate self-funding options whenever feasible and affordable to continuously address the upkeep and enhancement of our well-loved school, which now houses 18 vocational shops. Each shop has state-of-the-art tools and equipment that provide our students with industry experience and skills to prepare them for future careers in their trade. 

    Like a home, there comes a time when we have to repair and protect our investment. The District needs your support as it seeks to be fiscally responsible in addressing capital projects across our campus. Components of a bond would address: 

    Next Phase of Roof Repair: Replace approximately 60,000 square feet of the  34-year old
       roofing system. 

    • HVAC Units: The remaining funds will be used to replace approximately 37 HVAC rooftop
       units and heater cores as they approach end-of-life, including industrial ventilation for
       various manufacturing and commercial kitchen areas.

    This essential repair list will protect your investment for years to come. Our District School Committee will make every effort to advance this endeavor within a maximum borrowing threshold not to exceed $10 million. Thank you for your continued support.


  • It's Our Honor
    to Be of Service

    As honored stewards of BVT
    and its 50+ year-old campus
    we continue to assess the facility,
    review our capital projects,
    and plan for the future. We are
    prepared to take the necessary steps
    to address much-needed repairs
    that will protect your investment and
    the safety of our students and staff
    for years to come.