• Program Requirements
    Applicants to our Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration must be able to meet the technical standards required to successfully complete our program. You must be able to perform these standards, with or without reasonable accommodations, upon acceptance to the program.

    Technical Standards
    • Read and comprehend textbook materials at the 10th-grade level.
    • Speak clearly and relay information, whether spoken, printed, signed, or computer-
       voice format in conversational English.
    • Gather, analyze, and draw conclusions from information.
    • Stand for extended periods of time for a two-hour minimum.
    Proper Work Attire
    Proper work attire is pivotal for those working within an HVAC&R work environment. Due to the physically labor-intensive nature of this field, one must dress in safe, durable, and practical clothing. Understanding the importance of this dress code, while adhering to all safety protocols, is critical to your success while engaged in our modern learning lab.

    • Students should wear clothing that allows free movement for ease and efficiency.
    • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry while operating equipment.
    • Long hair must be securely pulled back, avoiding accidental entanglement
       with equipment.
    • Clothes will get dirty. Wear clothing that can easily be washed time and time again.
    • Comfortable and slip-resistant work boots or safety shoes are required. This footwear
       will protect your feet from serious injury from rolling or falling objects, or from an
       object piercing the sole or top of the foot.

  • Questions?

    Should you have questions or
    need any additional assistance
    please call our Vocational Office at:
    508–529–7758 x3004 or e-mail us at: