• Nutrition & Fitness for Life
    We all want to fuel our bodies and be fit for life, but not everyone is interested in team sports or running fitness circuits. For students who are looking for a quieter, less competitive fitness setting, our Nutrition & Fitness for Life program might just speak to them. 

    As an alternative health program to our Physical Education (PE) classes, Nutrition & Fitness for Life is open to all students who would enjoy and benefit from working out in a smaller group. During their scheduled PE day, students work closely with our Nutrition Educator and Fitness Specialist, Martha Pellegrino, to assess the student's current eating habits and fitness levels, and develop a personal wellness plan that will enhance their self-care, health, and wellness.

    Building Nutrition & Fitness
    Our Nutrition Educator introduces our students to various nutrition and fitness activities that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are a wide variety of activities for students to choose from, including: 

    • Yoga – It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and
       mental exercises that for thousands of years have been and still are the building blocks
       to a healthy lifestyle. Students will learn a set of poses (asanas), combined with specific
       breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation principles that have the power to
       focus and calm the mind while strengthening the body with balance and flexibility.

    • Fitness Room – Walking into a fitness room can be intimidating for many people. So, we take
       it slow as students learn how to work out using free weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, 
       and fitness machines and the proper techniques for each station. Strength training can help
       you manage your weight, protect your joints from injury, increase your metabolism and burn 
       more calories while enhancing your quality of life and improving your ability to do everyday
       activities. How cool is that?!

    • Walking Lacing up your sneakers and going for a brisk walk is one of the easiest and most
       effective ways to stay healthy. While taking in some fresh air, this low-impact cardiovascular
       exercise creates less stress on your joints and reduces pain. It can also boost your energy,
       improve your mood, and help you think creatively. By walking just 30 minutes every day,
       you can ramp up your immune system, which can prevent or manage various conditions.

    • Goal Setting A life well lived rarely happens by accident. It is the result of setting and
       pursuing goals. But where do you start? We start by asking students to envision their healthiest
       and happiest selves. What does that look like for you? We then explore your daily habits and
       assess your fitness levels to see what may be holding you back. Tips, tools, and techniques
       are introduced to keep you focused and motivated, and promote daily changes that,
       once made, will move you towards whatever your short- and long-term health and well-
       being aspiration might be.

    • Nutrition If you are a foodie, you're going to love this nutrition part of the program. We help
       students think critically about their food choices, from school lunches to vending machine
       snacks. You'll get hands-on experience with interactive food demos, assessing recipes and
       food groups, exploring food limitations (dairy-free, gluten-free), and best of all, taste testing
       that will show you that healthy foods can be MMM...Good!

  • How Do I Sign Up for Nutrition & Fitness for Life?
    Students in the Nutrition & Fitness for Life program will typically select 2-3 activities plus a nutrition activity to fulfill their PE requirement. If your teen is interested in joining this program, you must complete and sign the Nutrition & Fitness for Life Consent Form and have them bring the form to school on their PE day.

    If you have questions or there are any physical limitations or medical issues that can impact your teen from participation, contact Martha Pellegrino at 1-508-529-7758 ext. 2710 or e-mail her at mpellegr@valleytech.k12.ma.us

  • Meet Our Nutrition Educator
    & Fitness Specialist 

    Martha Pellegrino,

    Ms. Pellegrino is a Registered Dietitian,
    who received her Master of Education
    degree in Nutrition Education from
    Framingham State University. She
    is also a personal trainer, with
    certification through the American
    College of Sports Medicine with
    a special interest in enhancing well-
    being through nutrition and fitness.

    Martha oversees our school's
    Nutrition & Fitness for Life program
    and provides nutrition counseling
    through our School Based Health Center.
    She enjoys working with all age groups,
    but especially with our students.

    508-529-7758  x2710