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    You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!
    Whether the dog has chewed your power cord or you're having trouble logging in from home, technology questions will undoubtedly arise for you and your parents. Keeping your school-issued equipment in working order is a big responsibility. So we've compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our school-issued technology, purchasing insurance for your laptop, and more. 

    Q   What do I do if I forget to bring my laptop to school?
    A    You should ask your teacher if you can go to the DLC (Digital Learning Commons) to pick
           up a loaner laptop for the school day. Be aware, that if you forget to bring your laptop to
           school on consecutive days, you are subject to a disciplinary response.

    Q   What happens if my computer needs to be recharged during the school day
           and I left my charger at home?
    A    Students are not provided with a loaner charger. Therefore, you must report to the
           DLC to receive a replacement laptop for the day while our Technology Department
           charges your assigned laptop. If this occurs on consecutive days, you are subject to
           a disciplinary response.

    Q   Does my family need to purchase accidental insurance?
    A    No.  BVT has insured all student laptops for 2023-2024 school year.

    Q   What happens if I damage my laptop?
     You will need to contact our Technology Department to schedule a loaner laptop during
          the repair period. Meanwhile, our Technology Department will assess the damage and
          provide your parents with a repair invoice. There will be a co-payment for laptop repairs;
          BVT will charge a fee of $50.00 per incident. This fee will cover the parts and labor
          associated with the repair. Repairs could range from broken screens, keyboards, structural
          damage, or motherboard replacement.


    Q   What do I do if I have trouble logging in from home?
    A   You can e-mail tech_assistance@valleytech.k12.ma.us for assistance. If it is during a
          school day and you're home, you can contact our Helpdesk at 508-529-7758  x3071.


    Q   What if my laptop is lost or stolen?
     You will need to report it immediately to the Technology Department. The Technology
          Department will file a claim with the BVT insurance company for a replacement. BVT
          will work with the family to determine if there is a replacement cost. 


    Q   What if I lost or damaged my charger?
    A    You will need to pay for the lost or damaged charger. 


    Q   Can I install programs or apps onto my laptop?
    A   No. You are not permitted to install any programs or apps on your laptops.


    Q   Do I keep the same laptop for all four years?
    A   Yes. You will use the same laptop throughout your time at BVT.


    Q   Can I keep my laptops over the summer break?
    A   Laptops are collected at the end of the school year so our Technology Department
          can install updates and new software. However, you can sign out your laptop during
          the summer.


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