• Art Heals

    Creativity for a Cause

    Calling All Student Artists…get creative for a cause by sharing your personal story through your artwork to help us raise awareness of mental health and support teen suicide prevention. 

    As an artist, you know intuitively that creating a visual image through any medium can produce physical and emotional benefits for you, the creator, as well as those who view it. The healing power of art is what our Art Heals: Shine Your Light Chalk Festival is all about. On Thursday, May 12th, from 8:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m., our campus will come alive with color, creativity, and meaning as our student artists create unique chalk murals that reflect their mental health stories on the theme of light and how “art heals.” In collaboration with our School Based Health Center, we'll showcase art as a positive way of expressing emotions, and diminishing negative feelings and thoughts. 

    This year’s chalk art festival is open to all BVT students. Enrollment in an art class is not needed to participate, but spots are limited to 50 student artists. To be considered a chalk artist at our festival, students must first submit a concept drawing and artist statement to Ms. Garabadian, our Visual Arts instructor, for review.* Check out the creative process timeline below for more details and due dates.

    An Evening Chalk Walk

    Later that evening, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., we invite our community members to join us on an evening chalk walk to view the completed masterpieces. The event is free and open to the public. It's an opportunity to connect with others in a shared appreciation and awareness of how art can be used as a strategic tool in the treatment of mental health.

  • The Creative Process
    The creative process is unique to every artist, but sometimes we get stuck in our vision and the story we want to tell through our art. No worries, we created this timeline to help you stay focused and creative from your concept drawing and artist statement through your final chalk mural. Review the timeline below for more details.

    Thursday, March 17th – 31st: Time to be Creative
    • In order to be considered as a chalk artist at our festival, you must submit a full-color
       concept drawing of your idea, based on the theme “art heals”.
    • In addition to your drawing, you'll need to submit an artist statement that addresses
       how you use art as a healing tool or how your art expresses your thoughts, feelings,
       and ideas. Your statement should express why you want to participate in the festival.
       Check out this blog post "How to Write an Artist Statement."
    • Take some time to think about how you feel when you're being creative and making
       art. Ask yourself..."What is the story I want to share with my art?" "What thoughts and
       feelings present themselves to me in the artmaking process?" and "How might my art
       be healing to those who view it?"  
    • You have two weeks to work on your sketches and artist statement. Enjoy this time to
       be creative!

    Thursday, March 31st: Chalk Art Proposals Due
    • Once your artist statement and concept drawing is complete, take some time to
       photograph your sketch in good lighting, and make sure it's in focus. Out-of-focus
       images will not be accepted. If you need any help, please feel free to speak with
       Ms. Garabadian in Room 20.

    Wednesday, April 6th: Final Chalk Artists Are Chosen

    Tuesday, April 12th: Chalk Artist Meeting
    • Chalk artists, you won't want to miss this mandatory meeting just one month before
       the festival. We'll gather together to review how your final drawing is coming along
       and that we have all of our supplies. Mark your calendar!

    Thursday, May 12th: Chalk Art Festival Day
    • Let's have some fun and be creative for a cause!
    • Using an assigned 3' x 3' sidewalk square as your canvas, you'll make the dust fly as you
       create your masterpiece with chalk as your only medium.   

  • Artist Tips for Chalk Mural Masterpieces
    • Bring protection for your knees. Knee or gardening pads work great.
    • Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat and sunscreen.
    • Don't forget to bring your concept drawing with you to reference.
    • Start drawing and coloring from the top of your square, and then proceed downwards.
       This technique will prevent smudging.
    • Connect with fellow artists and share your creative process.
    • And of course, have fun! 

  • * NOTE: Festival organizers reserve the right to deem the subject matter inappropriate. Political or commercial advertisements and statements are not allowed. Remember that this is a family-friendly event when choosing your chalk mural concept.

  • Calling All Artists...

    Students, share your stories
    and show us the healing power
    of your art at our Art Heals:
    Shine Your Light Chalk Festival

    on Thursday, May 12th

    Send your concept drawing and
    artist statement to Ms. Garabadian at
    by Thursday, March 31st

    Space and chalk supplies are limited.
    So, don't delay; submit your art today! 

    Working in collaboration with
    our School Based Health Center
    our students have access to
    physical and mental health services.
    If you're looking for behavioral and 
    mental healthcare resources for
    your family, feel free to contact
    Riverside Community Care.
    We're here to help!

    MCC Logo

    This event is made possible in partnership
    with our Visual Arts Department,
    School Based Health Center, and
    supported in part by grants from:
    Grafton Cultural Council
    Mendon Cultural Council
    Milford Cultural Council
    Millville Cultural Council
    Mass Cultural Council’s Local
    Cultural Councils LCC Program.