• Stretching

    The Importance of  S t  r  e   t   c   h    i     n     g
    When most people think of fitness, they think of cardiovascular and strength exercise, but there is another important component of fitness — stretching. Stretching is one of the best ways to avoid suffering the most common sports injuries is to make sure your body is as prepared as possible. Along with stretching, we cannot overstate the importance of warming up, and of course, hydrating properly. If you want to develop and maintain optimal fitness, be sure to include stretching in your daily regimen. Stretching is not only critical to athletic performance but overall health.

    The following stretches are general guidance on broad areas of the body: 
    Lower Leg
    Upper Back
    Lower Back

    These stretches should not be performed unless approved by our athletic trainer, and as a preventive measure only. 

    Injuries that should PROHIBIT you from completing these stretches are:
    • Fractures/Broken Bones
    • Recent Surgery
    • New ligament sprains or muscle strains
    • Open wounds
    • If stretches make the pain worse

    This list does not include every contraindication, and therefore consult the athletic trainer prior to use.

  • Questions?

    Feel free to contact our athletic
    trainer with any stretching
    or assessment questions.

    Molly Awiszus, MS, LAT, ATC
    508-529-7758  x2754