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    Athletics Q&A
    In an effort to keep you and your student-athlete well-informed, we've compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about athletics.

    Q   What steps need to be taken to get my student-athlete back to sports after a
          COVID19 diagnosis?

    A    To get your student-athlete back into action and on the field to play, they must first
           be seen by their primary care physician or our nurse practitioner. Once a clearance
           note is obtained, 5 days post symptom initiation/positive test and symptom resolution,
           they must complete our COVID Return to Play Procedures without developing
           chest pain, chest tightness, palpitations, lightheadedness, pre-syncope, or syncope.
           If these symptoms develop, you should refer your teen back to the evaluating provider
           who cleared them for return to play.

    Q   How quickly can my student-athlete get back to sports after a concussion diagnosis?

    A    A student-athlete who wishes to return to sports after being diagnosed with a concussion
           must follow these steps:
          • They will follow up with the school nurse and the athletic trainer the following day.
          • They will need a physician clearance note or an ACE plan created by our nurse
             practitioner for school and return to sport, which must be given to the athletic trainer.
          • Upon being asymptomatic, they may begin the 5-day Return to Play (RTP) Protocol
             with the 6th-day return to the game.

          More information can be found on our Concussion website page.

    Q   When does my student-athlete need a doctor’s clearance? 
    A   A student-athlete needs a doctor’s clearance when:
          • They are in season and they have seen an outside provider/physician.
          • They are out of season and a doctor has told them they are not cleared until a certain
             date or upon follow-up.
          • Our athletic trainer refers them to an outside provider/physician prior to returning to sports.
          • They have had a concussion.
          • They have had COVID-19.

    Q   What are the most common injuries? 
    A   Most athletes will tell you, at some point in their athletic pursuits, they have suffered an injury.
          That's not surprising. Sports tend to be physically demanding, requiring our bodies to endure
          many forms of stress and trauma. In the world of athletic endeavors, there are many
          common injuries an athlete can suffer from, such as: 
          • Knee Sprains
          • Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injury
          • Achilles Tendinitis
          • Concussion
          • Ankle Sprain
          • Tennis Elbow
          • Pulled Muscle
          • Groin Strain
          • Shin Splints
          • Lower Back Pain

           For more information on sports injuries and treatments, check out the following articles:
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