• Globe Flags 2A Festival Where All are Welcome
    In a world where sharing who we are and where we all come from is becoming the cornerstone to truly understanding our perspectives and paths in life, there is no better time to celebrate cultures and traditions. Through music, live performances, and interactive demonstrations, our students and staff contributed to an authentic cultural celebration and learning experiences at our first annual Multicultural Festival held on Friday, October 29th.

    The interdisciplinary event went beyond the traditional Day of the Dead (Día De Los Muertos) activities this year, expanding the celebration to include many cultures and, in the process, offering a more diverse experience of customs that make each of us unique. It was an ideal opportunity for our diverse community of students to share traditions of their culture or ethnicity with their peers and other school community members through storytelling, food, dance, arts, and customs that make cultures unique. The festivities offer many cultural components through a combination of interactive student-run booths and cultural performers.

    We invite you to read on to learn more about our multicultural celebration.

  • Share in the Experience
    Join in the celebration and explore the various cultural offerings by viewing a video produced by our student videographers Alexis Vazquez and Abril Sanchez.
  • The Festivities Await...
    We welcome students and staff to take part in the Multicultural Festival to explore a variety of cultural offerings. 

    Multicultural Center
    All Day in the Old Gym

    Our Multicultural Center will feature a variety of cultural areas and themes chosen by students in our Multicultural Club. They've thoughtfully prepared presentations and posters on a variety of countries. You'll learn about different cultures worldwide through traditions, art, beauty, food, and more. Many of our student presenters are native to the countries they are discussing. For example, Yara Alomar a sophomore in Health Services is a Palestinian-Jordanian American. Born in Jordan and fluent in Arabic is excited to share more about her ancestry and culture with her peers at this event.

    Be sure to stop by our student booths, observe, listen, and interact with our student presenters. Ask them thoughtful and engaging questions about their presentations.

    • Asian Food 
       Presented by Myah Gay, Ashley Guaman, and Emma Shum

    • Beauty Around the World 
       Presented by Katelyn Goyer

    • Black American Culture 
       Presented by Keyara Jones

     Brazil isn't just Rio de Janeiro
       Presented by Sarah Silva, Thamyres Silviano, Yasmin Silva, Thays De Assis,
       Andrew Costa, Alice Rosa, Alicya Melo, Jhohann Edmonds, Julia Caliman, and
       Guilherme Oliveira

    • Costa Rica
       A poster created by Isabel and Noah Cahill

    • El Salvador
       Presented by Alya Lainez

    • India and Puerto Rico
       Presented by Camila Ramirez and Jay Patel 

     Italian Culture / Italian American Culture
       Presented by Angelina Hunt

    • Jordan and Palestine  
       Presented by Yara Alomar

    • Latin American Culture 
       A poster created by Rillary Madruga Ferreira and Ana Guaman

    • Mexico
       Presented by Kevin Flores, Natalia Vazquez, and Popia Greenwald

    • Puerto Rico
       Presented by Alanis Rosario Rivera, Izamar Laboy, and Lizmary Vidal Sanchez

    Traditional “Día de Los Muertos” Activities
    All Day in the Old Gym

    Our Traditional “Día de Los Muertos” Activities include making authentic holiday crafts, sampling traditional foods, and making an offering at our homemade altar. The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico and worldwide on November 1st and 2nd. The annual holiday is a joyful celebration where family and friends gather to remember and pay their respects to those who have died. Some of the holiday traditions include constructing altars called ofrendas, where favorite foods and drinks of the dead are arranged as offerings. Other holiday items include sugar skulls (alfeñiques), marigolds (cempazúchitl), and bread of the dead (pan de Muerto).

    Salsa Lesson with J&L Dance Studio
    9:00 – 10:30 a.m. in Room 202 and 254 

    Take a dance lesson with an instructor from J&L Dance Studio and learn to dance the Salsa. First, learn a bit about the history of the dance and the basic steps involved, and then get ready to practice with a partner. Wear your sensible dancing shoes and be ready to practice those authentic dance moves from another culture.

    Memory Mosaics with Chanel Thervil
    9:00 – 11:00 and 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. in the Art Rooms 

    Artists often represent their culture in their artwork. Create a Memory Mosaic with our visiting artist, Chanel Thervil is a Haitian American artist and educator who will engage our students and staff in lively group discussions on this topic and centering memory and communal participation in culture through art. Chanel will assist students interested in creating a personalized Memory Mosaic that embodies their own cultural tradition. Get creative and share your cultural artwork with your peers.

    A Cultural Performance by Veronica Robles
    10:48 – 11:38 a.m. in the Competition Center 

    An authentic representative of Mexican music and culture, Veronica Robles will perform A Dance Journey through Latin America, sharing dance, rhythms, and traditional outfits from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia. You don't want to miss this cultural performance. Plan to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights and sounds of South America and the Caribbean and feel the rhythm of these countries.

    Bachata Lesson with J&L Dance Studio 
    12:00 – 1:30 p.m. in Room 202 and 254

    Take a dance lesson with an instructor from J&L Dance Studio and learn to dance the Bachata. First, learn a bit about the history of the dance and the basic steps involved, and then get ready to practice with a partner. Wear your sensible dancing shoes and be ready to practice those authentic dance moves from another culture.

  • Thanks to grants from the Douglas, Grafton, Mendon, and Milford Cultural Councils, this program is possible.

  • Mark Your Calendars
    Yara Alomar


    BVT in the NewsYara Alomar, a sophomore in Health Services, enjoyed discussing the cultures & traditions of Jordan and Palestine with her peers during our Multicultural Festival.

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    Chris Toulouse

    and supported in part
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    with contributions from
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    Culinary Arts
     preparing the pan de muerto, Mexican
    hot chocolate, and horchata

    Construction Technology
    building the altar

    providing traditional Día de Los Muertos
    makeup mannequin display

    Multimedia Communications
    Madison Colonna created the program
    Alexis Vazquez and Abril Sanchez,
    student videographers filming the event

    Many Thanks
    to our Visiting Artist, Dance Instructors,
    Cultural Performer, Multicultural Club
    Advisors Luanne Pehl and Brooke Johnson,
    and our student participants:

    Yara Alomar
    Isabel Cahill
    Noah Cahill
    Thays De Assis
    Jhohann Edmonds
    Kevin Flores
    Myah Gay
    Kaitlyn Goyer
    Popia Greenwald
    Ashly Guaman
    Angelina Hunt
    Keyara Jones 
    Izamar Laboy
    Alicya Leonor
    Guilherme Oliveira
    Jay Patel
    Camila Ramirez
    Alanis Rosario
    Thamyres Salviano
    Emma Shum
    Yasmin Silva
    Natalia Vazquez
    Lizmary Vidal-Sanchez