• Laptop Program 1
    Technology at Their Fingertips
    Technology has the power to transform the way we live, work, and play, but like many things in life, it is constantly changing. To help our students achieve a school-life balance and stay up-to-date on the latest technology, we've gathered several learning tools and resources they can easily access, whether on campus, at home, or on the go.

    Our Laptop Program
    Laptops are a necessary learning tool that provides access to curriculum materials, essential resources, schedules, assignments, and student work. That’s why we've implemented a 1:1 Laptop Program that provides all our students with a Dell laptop and charger they can use in their classes and at home to do their assignments. With this opportunity comes the responsibility to keep their school-issued equipment in working order from the start of school as freshmen through the last day of senior year. 

    Each day, your teen is expected to bring their fully charged laptop to school and use it in all their academic classes and vocational shop, unless advised not to do so, by their teacher. Those students in Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication, Automotive Technology, Drafting & Design Technology, Electronics & Engineering, Engineering & Robotics, Multimedia Communications, and Painting & Design Technology will use the shop laptops/computers, which have specialized software that can handle those specific shop requirements.
  • Equipment on Loan
    If your teen forgets their laptop at home and is needed for an assessment that day, their teacher may send them to our Digital Learning Commons (DLC) to sign out a laptop on loan. Students borrowing a laptop are still responsible for any damage to or loss of that device. All laptops borrowed for the day must be returned to the DLC before dismissal. Failing to return a laptop by the end of the school day, could result in a student losing the privilege of borrowing a laptop or disciplinary action. If there are multiple occurrences of coming to school without one’s laptop, the student will be reported to their Assistant Principal.

    Any students who transfer or withdraw must return all school-issued equipment to our DLC on or before their last day at BVT. Failure to turn in a laptop, charger, or other school-issued equipment will result in their parents/guardians being charged the full replacement cost, regardless of insurance. The District may also file a report of stolen property with the Upton Police Department for equipment not returned.

  • Student Tools & ResourcesBelow is a list of learning tools and
    resources links most widely used
    by our students. If you have difficulties
    with any of these tools and resources,
    or your school-issued laptops, please
    contact our Technology Department at

    They will be happy to assist you!

    PowerSchool Logo
    PowerSchool is our student information
    system which houses their biographical
    information, course schedules, attendance,
    grades, class assignments, progress reports,
    and report cards. We use it to share
    information and communications
    between our students, their parents,
    and our staff and administrators.

    ClassLink Logo
    Classlink is a web-based application
    that empowers our students to access
    BVT resources (apps) and files
    from anywhere on any device.
    How cool is that?

    Microsoft Office 365 is a web-based
    version of Microsoft’s Office suite
    of applications. Office 365 is delivered
    through the cloud and includes
    Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
    OneNote, Sway, Forms, and OneDrive.

    Canvas Logo
    Canvas is an easy-to-use, cloud-based
    learning management system (LMS).
    It acts as an online classroom where
    teachers can share digital learning tools
    and resources with their students
    in one simple place.

    Naviance Logo
    Naviance is a comprehensive
    career and college readiness solution
    that helps align student strengths and
    interests to their post-secondary goals,
    improving student outcomes and
    connecting learning to life.

    EBSCO Logo
    EBSCO is an intuitive online research
    platform used by thousands of
    institutions and millions of users worldwide.
    With quality databases and search
    features, EBSCO helps our teachers
    and students find information fast.
    Contact our Technology Department
    for the login information.

    Discovery Education Logo
    Discovery Education (DE) provides
    streaming of educational videos.
    It also provides images, clip art, and
    audio resources. DE has an
    interactive Atlas, as well as in-depth
    science/health services resources.
    A username and password are required.
    Please contact our Technology
    Department to obtain information
    on how to log onto the site.