• Course Planning 1

    Course Planning 
    As your teen pursues their vocational-technical education, they will have to choose which academic paths to follow to meet their post-graduation goals. But they don't have to do this alone. We're here to help them navigate through our course planning process. 

  • Academic Course Selection

    Course Offerings
    If you are wondering what academic courses we offer or what our course progression looks like, an overview can be found on page 13 of our Program of Studies.

    Course Descriptions
    Sometimes it can be hard to get a feel for a class from its name alone. Our academic course descriptions can be found on pages 14 to 58 of our Program of Studies.

    Course Registration
    If you have questions or concerns about what courses your teen should take, remember that course registration is a team effort. Academic teachers provide course recommendations based on your teen's skill level and are available to answer curriculum-related questions in their content area. Our school counselors help students with reviewing these recommendations and answering any course placement questions that go beyond the content, such as college admissions requirements and managing courses. Our academic coordinator can also review any special considerations and/or extenuating circumstances that might impact course placement.

    Add/Drop Policy
    If your teen is enrolled in a class that isn't quite the right fit, there is an Add/Drop Policy they'll need to work through. Our school counselors can assist with their course transfer requests and help them connect with the academic support they need. 

  • Exploratory & Shop Placement

    We know that shop placement is a big deal, and we're here to help guide our students through the process. Our vocational instructors and career enrichment teachers work with our freshmen throughout the exploratory process to help determine which of our vocational programs best fit their experiences and reflections. Our school counselors and vocational coordinators are also available to answer questions and review any special considerations or extenuating circumstances that may impact shop placement.  

    Vocational Programs
    We currently offer 18 vocational programs in three pathways: Service, Technology, and Construction. We are excited to offer many different high-tech programs on our campus.

    Course Descriptions
    If you are curious to know what our shops focus on at each grade level, vocational course descriptions begin on page 63 of our Program of Studies.

    Shop Transfers
    If your teen is interested in pursuing a shop transfer, our school counselors and vocational coordinators are available to assist them. However, it's important to note that it's extremely rare for students to change their vocational programs following the first trimester of sophomore year.

  • Important Dates

    Wednesday, January 17th
    Freshmen: Course Selection

    Thursday, January 18th
    Juniors: Course Selection

    Tuesday, January 23rd

    Sophomores: Course Selection