• Return to Play 1

    Get Them Back into the Game!

    To get your student-athlete back into action and on the field to play, they must complete the progression below without developing chest pain, chest tightness, palpitations, lightheadedness, pre-syncope, or syncope. If these symptoms develop, you should refer your child back to the evaluating provider who cleared them for Return to Play (RTP).

    COVID Return to Play Procedures

    A gradual return to play will be completed, with the athletic trainer to screen for a safe return to full participation:

    • Stage 1: (2 Day Minimum)
       Light activity (walking, jogging, or stationary bike) for 15 minutes or less at an intensity no
       greater than 70% of maximum heart rate. NO resistance training. 

    • Stage 2: (1 Day Minimum) 
       Add simple movement activities (EG or running drills) for 30 minutes or less at an intensity no
       greater than 80% of maximum heart rate. 

    • Stage 3: (1 Day Minimum) 
       Progress to more complex training for 45 minutes or less at an intensity no greater than 80%
       maximum heart rate. May add light resistance training. 

    • Stage 4: (2 Day Minimum)
       Normal training activity for 60 minutes or less at an intensity no greater than 80% maximum
       heart rate. 

    • Stage 5: 
       Return to full activity. The athlete is cleared for full participation by our athletic trainer. 

  • COVID Return to Play Form
    Has your student-athlete tested positive
    for COVID-19? If so, they must be
    cleared for Return to Play by an
    approved health care provider.
    Please be sure to have their doctor
    complete this downloadable form.

    COVID Return to Play Form

    If you have questions about
    your child's eligibility to return
    to play after a COVID-19 infection,
    call Molly Awiszus, our Athletic Trainer
    at 508–529–7758 x2754.