• Art Heals

    Creativity for a Cause

    Calling All Seniors...join your visual arts classmates and get creative for a cause. Let your art help build awareness for teen suicide prevention. Working with the National Center for the Prevention of Youth Suicide we're supporting their mission to engage and empower youths as partners in their grassroots suicide prevention effort across the United States. 

    As an artist, you know intuitively that creating a visual image through any medium can produce physical and emotional benefits for you, the creator, as well as for those who view it. This healing power of art is what our Art Heals: The Senior Perspective event is all about. On Friday, May 7th, from 8:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m., our campus will come alive with color, creativity, and meaning as our senior art students create unique chalk murals on the theme of resilience, showcasing how “art heals.”

    Working with only chalk as your medium, our senior artists will be assigned a 3'x3' square of sidewalk surrounding our school building. Participation is open to all seniors not just those taking an art class. Non-art students must register by Wednesday, March 31st. The $20 registration fee covers your chalk and a reserved space to create your masterpiece. All students must submit a concept drawing to Ashley Maclure, our Visual Arts instructor, via e-mail at amaclure@valleytech.k12.ma.us for review and confirmation to participate in this event.*

  • The Creative Process
    For our seniors taking Honors Art School Prep and Senior Art Studio, this creative event will also serve as formative assessments. From concept sketches through the creative process to the final chalk mural, our students will showcase how "art heals."

    Project Timeline
    Tuesday, March 9th
    • The Chalk Art Mural Project is introduced to art seniors via Zoom classes.

    Emily Devine 1Friday, March 12th
    • Concept sketches are due.
    • Robin Brown will speak with the art classes
       via Zoom about mental health and creativity.

       Robin Brown, LICSW
       Robin is a Mental Health Counselor in our
       School Based Health Center and is employed
       by Riverside Community Care in Upton as a
       psychotherapist and provides mental health
       counseling to our students. She received a
       Masters of Social Work from Simmons College.
       Robin has many years of experience working
       in outpatient mental health settings, providing
    Emily Devine 2.1   treatment to both adolescents and adults.
       Her areas of expertise include depression,
       substance abuse, relationship problems,
       anxiety, and self-esteem issues.

    Monday, March 15th – Friday, March 19th 
    • The chalk micro lab allows students to learn and practice techniques.

    Monday, April 12th – Friday, March 16th 
    • Chalk mark-up on butcher paper.

    Friday, March 16th
    • Chalk mark-up on butcher paper is due.

    Monday, May 3rd – Thursday, May 6th
    • Students learn to scale their drawings with a grid system.

    Friday, May 7th
    • Seniors spend the school day on campus creating their masterpieces.

    Friday, May 14th
    • Students submit artist statements a week after the event.

  • Artist Tips for Chalk Mural Masterpieces
    • Bring protection for your knees. Knee or gardening pads work great.
    • Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat and sunscreen.
    • Plan ahead and have an idea of what you want to draw. Bringing a sketch or a photo
       reference is a big help.
    • Start drawing and coloring from the top of your square, and then proceed downwards.
       This technique will prevent smudging.
    • Connect with fellow artists and share your creative process.
    • And of course, have fun! 

  • * NOTE: Art Heals organizers reserve the right to deem subject matter inappropriate. Political or commercial advertisements and statements are not allowed. Please keep in mind that this is a school event when deciding on your chalk mural concept.

  • Calling All Artists...

    Seniors, show us the healing power
    of your art at our Art Heals:
    The Senior Perspective
    on Friday, May 7th

    E-mail Ashley Maclure at
    by Wednesday, March 31st

    A $20 registration fee covers your
    chalk and reserve a space to
    create your masterpiece.

    Space and chalk supplies are limited.
    So, don't delay, register today!

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    This event is made possible in 
    partnership with our Visual Arts Program
    and supported in part by grants from:
    Cummings School Service Fund,
    Blackstone Cultural Council,
    Millville Cultural Council,
    Northbridge Cultural Council,
    Upton Cultural Council,
    and Mass Cultural Council's
    Local Cultural Councils LCC Program

    Sponsorship for Creativity!
    Become a sponsor at this year's
    "Art Heals" event and help us build awareness
    and support for teen suicide prevention.
    All proceeds will benefit the mission of the

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    Sponsors will be showcased on our website
    and on sponsorship signs above the
    pavement canvases where our students
    will create their works of art. 

    Support creativity for a cause by e-mailing
    Ashley Maclure, our Visual Arts instructor

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