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    March 25, 2021
    Dear Parents and Students,
    As we enter the season where juniors and seniors are planning to go on college tours, I want to make sure that you understand our visitation procedures. We are aware that during these challenging times, colleges and universities are doing things differently. Each school varies in the way they are interviewing or meeting with students.

    Virtual College & University Tours
    Students are encouraged to take virtual tours outside of official school hours (7:41 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.) or on weekends to ensure they are not missing distance learning or in-person classes.

    In-person College & University Tours (Massachusetts/Out-of-State)
    • If a face-to-face interview and tour are not allowed, students may complete drive-through visits.
       • For documentation purposes, students should submit a dated time-stamped selfie/photo in front of the college/university sign
          to our BRC Coordinator.

    • If an in-person interview and tour are allowed, students must complete our college/university visit form located in Naviance
       and on our School Counseling Canvas page.
       • The visit form must be completed and signed by an official of the college/university.
       • Students should submit the completed visit form to our BRC Coordinator to excuse an absence.

    • Travel time will not be excused. Travel days will be listed as unexcused days.

    • Students are responsible for notifying their classroom teachers of their visit and accessing any missed school work.

    • If a student plans to travel out-of-state, parents must notify our School Nurses before travel, and
       if out-of-state longer than 24-hours, then the student must follow our COVID-19 Health Guidelines
       and our travel requirements before returning to in-person learning, which includes:
       • Completing a PCR Test after returning to Massachusetts. Negative test results must be submitted 
          to our School Nurse before a student’s first in-person school day.

    If you have any questions about our visitation procedures, please contact me at the phone number or e-mail listed above.


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    Matthew P. Urquhart
    Assistant Principal