• Athletic Trainer 1

    Keeping a Watchful Eye Over Our Student-Athletes

    Our student-athletes need a full team to foster their success in sports. Parents and guardians support young athletes by attending games and providing emotional support while coaches guide athletes in skill-building and playing the game, but it's the athletic trainers (ATs) who focus on the prevention and treatment of injuries in athletes well beyond the playing field.

    Athletic Trainers (ATs) are recognized, healthcare professionals. To be recognized as an AT, the individual must have completed an accredited baccalaureate (soon to be Master’s) program, passed the Board of Certification, be licensed in the state in which they are practicing, and work under the direction of a physician. Learn more about the requirements for being an athletic trainer.

    ATs practice under five domains:
    1. Injury and illness prevention and wellness promotion
    2. Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
    3. Immediate and emergency care
    4. Treatment and rehabilitation
    5. Organization and professional health and well-being

    Benefits of an AT for our student-athletes: 
    • Less time away from class with on-campus rehabilitation
    • Fewer missed games and practices through diagnosis, treatment, and referral process
    • Access to unbiased health care professional who serves as the student athlete’s advocate

    Benefits of an AT for parents:
    • Less time away from work or home to take child offsite for care
    • Reduced costs associated with unnecessary emergency room visits and diagnostic tests
    • Decreased rehabilitative costs before and after surgery
    • Peace of mind knowing a dedicated health care professional has child’s health and safety
       as a priority

    Meet Our Athletic Trainer
    Molly Awiszus, MS, LAT, ATC, majored in Athletic Training and obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Ithaca College, worked at Lawrence High School from 2016–2017, and went back to get her Master’s degree in Human Physiology from Boston University. She has been a Massachusetts’ licensed AT since 2016.

    Feel free to contact the athletic trainer with any sport-related injury or assessment.

    Molly Awiszus, MS, LAT, ATC
    Athletic Trainer
    508-529-7758  x2754

  • Athletic Training Room Rule
    (Located in the Old Gym)
    Do you need an evaluation for
    an injury or want to be seen
    by our athletic trainer? 
    You're always welcome,
    but you must follow these rules. 


    To enter the Athletic Training
    Room, you must first make an
    appointment using Remind.

    Social Distance

    You must practice social distancing
    at all times while in the Athletic
    Training Room by maintaining
    at least 6 feet apart.


    Wearing a mask is an additional step
    to help slow the spread of COVID-19
    when combined with your
    everyday preventive actions
    and social distancing.


    Wash your hands before you enter
    the Athletic Training Room and again
    after you leave. Make sure you use
    soap and water to wash all surfaces
    of your hands for at least 20 seconds,
    wait for visible lather, rinse thoroughly,
    and then dry with an individual
    disposable towel.


    Be responsible when using
    the Athletic Training Room by
    washing your own table and any
    equipment you use with the
    spray bottles provided. 

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