• Tier 3 – Hybrid Learning Two Grades 
    Two grades are in the building, represented by two full grade levels in shop and two full grade levels in academic distance learning. 

  • Tier 3 Hybrid Learning Two Grades

  • Tier 3 Academic Cycle
    • Students in distance learning will follow the regular school day bell schedule.

    • Homeroom attendance will be taken during the first period class of the day at 7:55 a.m.

       Bell Schedule 2021-2022 1

    • In this hybrid model, some high needs students may still participate in full-time in-person
       instruction to ensure effective accommodations, and some families may still decide to
       keep their teen in distance learning full time.

    • Students who are at home on days designated for their grade level to be in the 
       the schoolhouse will access the curriculum through technological outlets such as Zoom,
       Canvas, Outlook, etc. and through traditional procedures of collecting missed work
       and instruction.

  • Tier 3 Vocational Cycle

    • Two grade levels will report to BVT for their vocational shop cycle.

    • In-person instruction in vocational shops will be conducted in a school environment that
       has been appropriately modified to address health and safety requirements issued by
       DESE and BVT.
       • Social distancing
       • Desks no closer than three feet apart
       • Designated mask break areas

  • Tier 3 Distance Learning
    Distance learning will include "live" instruction in all educational areas for the school year. 

    • All assigned academic and shop work will be graded and assessed based on standard 
       grading expectations associated with being in the classroom. 

    • The distance learning schedule will follow the A/B Weeks on our traditional one-week cycle.

    • Students will participate in a full day of classes and shop learning each day of the week.

    • We will track attendance and student participation using iPass as if we were operating
       under normal face-to-face circumstances. Families will be able to utilize their iParent
       and iStudent accounts for this information throughout the school year regardless of
       which tier we are operating in.

    • Remote academic and vocational work will be in alignment with typical state standards 
       utilized during non-COVID times.

    • Student work will be assessed regularly using a customary numerical system and families
       will be able to track progress using their iParent and iStudent accounts.

    • Teachers will be utilizing Canvas, Zoom, e-mail, and other technology platforms to
       conduct distance learning.

    • Interpretation and translation services remain available for families in need of those services.


  • Quick Reference

    A Cycle
    Monday through Friday
    Junior & Freshmen in Distance Learning
    Senior & Sophomores at BVT 
     B Cycle 
    Monday through Friday
    Junior & Freshmen at BVT
    Senior & Sophomores in Distance Learning 

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