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    Scholarships & Awards: A Springboard for Success!

    As our newest graduates advance their career training, scholarships and awards totaling nearly 8 million in renewable value are a financial springboard, allowing recipients the financial freedom to explore various pathways and put their career plans into action. Some students use financial aid to cover tuition at colleges or universities, while others purchase new tools, clothing, and equipment to launch their careers. 

    The assistance of these scholarships and awards helps propel our graduates towards a bright future. As our future leaders, innovators, and creative thinkers competing in a global economy in a perpetually changing and uncertain world, they are ready to contribute as well-trained, educated, and skilled members of the workforce.

    Our Class of 2021 Scholarship Recipients 
    The following is a list of the scholarships and awards earned and reported by members of the Class of 2021, along with each student's immediate plans for further career training. Students are categorized by town and listed alphabetically by last name. Scholarship amounts reflect the first-year total. 

    Jack Alexander – Employed by Precision Heating & Cooling (Apprenticeship)       
    VTC Trade Memorial Scholarship: $1,000

    Natalie Bolduc – University of Maine (Zoology)                      
    University of Maine Merit Scholarship: $7,998

    Gavin Bourre – Worcester State University (Psychology)
    Worcester State Scholarship: $750

    William Callery – University of New Hampshire (Mechanical Engineering)
    Trustees Scholarship: $12,000

    Ceara Day – Coastal Carolina University (Anthropology)
    Teal Scholar Award: $4,500

    Nathan Dynko – Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Computer Science)          
    Grant: $6,345
    WPI Presidential Scholarship: $16,000
    Live Mas Scholarship: $10,000
    WPI Scholarship: $11,108
    Grant: $2,000

    Camryn Krusz – University of New Hampshire (Nursing)                      
    Trustees Scholarship: $17,000
    UNH Non-Resident Tuition Grant: $10,400

    Jacob Krusz – University of Rhode Island (Data Science)
    Founders Grant: $1,500

    Maxwell Krusz – University of Rhode Island (Data Science)
    Grant: $1,499
    Presidential Scholarship: $15,000

    Jacob Krusz – University of Rhode Island (Data Science)                   
    Presidential Scholarship: $14,998

    George Alexandropoulos – Bryant University (Business)
    Black and Gold Award: $17,000
    Grant: $6,495
    ANP Blackstone Energy Company Scholarship: $500

    Carrie Chase – University of Alabama (Biology)        
    ANP Blackstone Energy Company Scholarship: $500

    Avry Guilbert – University of Tampa (Psychology)
    UT Presidential Scholarship: $18,000

    Briana Harper – University of Maine (Animal Science)
    Merit Scholarship: $25,000

    Jacob Irons – Marines (Mobile Operations)
    Corporal John Dawson Memorial Award: $500
    John Lachapelle Memorial Award: $600
    Timothy J. Yacino, Sr. Memorial Award: $500

    Victoria Lemieux – University of Massachusetts Amherst (Nursing)
    Hanover Insurance Group Scholarship: $1,000
    BVT Teachers Association-Paul Sullivan: $500
    UMass Amherst Grant: $1,819
    Deans Award: $2,000

    Cassandra Riordan – Regis College
    Resident Grant: $3,000
    Sister Therese Higgins Sisters of St. Joseph Merit Scholarship: $28,000

    Sean Tasker – University of Massachusetts Amherst (Electrical Engineering)
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Rosa Walrath – New England College (Photography)
    Merit Scholarship from New England College: $38,000

    Mya Ackerman
    – University of New Hampshire (Psychology)
    Trustees'  Scholarship: $12,000
    UNH Non-Resident Tuition Grant: $1,250
    Work-Study: $2,500

    Andrew Benoit – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Architecture)
    Presidential Award: $17,000
    Chad A. Holbrook Memorial Sports Scholarship: $500

    Jessica Brown – Western New England University (Health Science)
    Presidential Scholarship: $22,000
    WNE First Robotics Scholarship: $2,000
    BVT Teachers Association: $250
    Rita D. Skinner EMT Scholarship: $500

    Brianna Carroll – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Industrial/Product Design)
    Wentworth President's Scholarship: $17,000

    Lily Courtemanche – Montserrat College of Art (Animation and Interactive Media)
    Presidential Scholarship: $22,000

    Giannah Dowen – North Carolina State University (Biological Sciences)        
    Blackstone Valley Rotary Club: $500

    Kayla Drew – Anna Maria (Nursing)
    Dell Merit: $10,000

    Ryleigh Flansburg – University of New England (Medical Biology/Pre-Dental)
    Presidential Scholarship: $20,000
    UNE NorEaster Scholarship: $4,100

    Kyle Fleming – Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Vice President's Award: $11,999

    Daria Hamelin – DePaul University (Journalism)
    State Scholar Plus Scholarship: $25,000
    Knights of Columbus: $500

    Krista Helstrom – MCPHS Boston (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
    Presidential Scholarship: $16,000

    Brooke Hooper – Springfield College  
    Springfield College Grant: $3,000
    Springfield College Trustee Scholarship: $24,000
    Springfield College Legacy Award: $2,000

    Abigail Horne – UMass Dartmouth (Animation and Game Arts)        
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,418

    Ryan Masoud – UMASS Dartmouth (Mechanical Engineering)
    Gene Haas Scholarship: $2,500
    John and Abigail Adams scholarship: $1,418
    Stanley Award for Tools: $200

    Madison Mathieu – University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Electrical Engineering)
    Corporal John Dawson: $2,000

    Kaitlyn McPherson
    – Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (Fashion Design)
    Grant: $5,395

    Luke Morrison – Northeastern University (Electrical Engineering)        
    Northeastern University Grant: $45,699

    Victorya Pacheco – Nichols College (Criminal Justice)
    Presidents Achievement Scholarship: $21,000
    Upton Police Association Scholarship: $500
    Early Acceptance Grant: $1,000
    IWL Scholarship: $500

    Joshua Patnaude – Wentworth (Electrical Engineering)         
    Wentworth Presidential Scholarship: $18,000

    Anna Thompson – University of Rhode Island (Animal Science)
    University Scholarship: $10,000

    Kaitlyn Zisk – University of Massachusetts (Animal Sciences)
    My One Wish: $2,000

    Matthew Fiore – Bryant University (Finance)
    Archway Scholarship: $25,000
    Joey Wilson Memorial Scholarship: $600

    Audrey Karyabdi – University of Connecticut (Biomedical Engineering)
    Leadership Scholarship: $21,999

    Angela Nolan - University of Rhode Island (Biotechnology)
    Founders Grant: $12,000

    Catherine Rozanas – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach (Aerospace Engineering)
    Presidential Scholarship: $18,000
    Women of Excellence Award: $5,000
    Embry-Riddle Travel Grant: $250

    Vivian Staheli – Georgia Institute of Technology (Materials Science and Engineering)
    Valley Tech School Committee-Vocational Award: $200

    Emily Valoras – Employed by Iconic Ink
    Valley Tech Ed Foundation: $300

    Gabriel Chaves-Silva
    – Employed by Duquette Refrigeration (HVAC Tech Apprenticeship)
    Derek Yancik Memorial Scholarship: $500

    Madison Deppe – Indiana University (Marketing)
    Deans Scholarship: $10,000
    Hopedale Foundation Trade Education: $2,500

    Maxwell Dicken – Army
    John Dawson Memorial Award: $500

    Tyler Doyle – Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Electrical Engineering)
     Hopedale Foundation Trade Education: $2,500

    Lydia Gould – University of Massachusetts Amherst (Communication)
    Academic Grant: $998
    Grant: $398
    Grant: $3,042
    UMass Scholarship: $2,299
    UMass Amherst Grant: $8,469

    Matthew Hayes – University of Rhode Island (Computer Science)
    University of Rhode Island Scholarship: $15,000
    Hopedale Foundation Trade Education: $2,500

    Rohit Kaushik – Northeastern University (Computer Science & Business Administration)
    Northeastern Honors Scholarship: $16,000
    Homefield Credit Union: $500
    MVA/Walter J. Markham Award: $500

    Abby Kelly – Sacred Heart University (Nursing)
    Founders Award: $1,000
    Performing Arts Participation Grant: $2,500
    Pioneer Service Grant: $1,000
    President's Excellence Award: $17,500
    Hopedale Foundation Trade Education: $2,500

    Alexis Kohout – Westfield State University (Nursing)
    Westfield State Admission Scholarship: $5,000
    Herman Buma Memorial Scholarship: $500
    Middlesex Savings Foundation Scholarship: $1,000

    Madeleine Poitras – Northeastern University (International Affairs)
    Hopedale Foundation Trade Education: $2,500
    NHS Scholarship: $500

    Gabriel Asacker
    – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Architecture)
    Grant: $6,344
    Wentworth Grant: $1,199
    Wentworth President's Award: $17,000

    Abigail Behrikis – The College of Saint Rose (Undecided)
    Nipmuc Youth Baseball-Christopher DiLorenzo Scholarship: $1,000

    Keeley Farmer – University of New Hampshire (Occupational Therapy)
    Trustees' Scholarship: $12,000
    Class of 2020 Scholarship: $500
    UNH Non-Resident Tuition Grant: $11,897

    RobinSage Murphy – University of New Hampshire (Nursing)
    Trustee's Scholarship: $12,000
    Jason K. Ball Memorial Scholarship: $250

    Abigail Murphy – University of New England (Medical Biology)
    Merit Award: $18,000
    UNE Success Grant: $4,000
    Valley Tech Ed Foundation: $300

    Elizabeth Pontzer – University of Massachusetts of Amherst (Psychology)
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Kathryn Surbey – Unknown
    CVA Parish Scholarship: $4,000

    Lauren Testa – University of Massachusetts Amherst (Communication Sciences & Disorders)
    Massachusetts Elks Scholarship: $800

    Santiago Vazquez – Unknown
    Jason K. Ball Memorial Scholarship: $250

    Jackson Alves
    – MCPHS Pharmaceutical (Business)
    Presidential Scholarship: $16,000

    Logan Bethel – HVAC Tech Apprenticeship
    James Franklin Memorial Award: $200

    Adam Boulos – University of Tampa / Florida Southern College (Cybersecurity)        
    Merit Scholarship: $9,000

    Alaina Gobbi – University of Connecticut (Biomedical Engineering)
    Academic Excellence: $22,000

    Donovan Henkel – University of Tampa (Marketing)
    Grant: $3,900
    Presidential Scholarship: $14,999
    University of Tampa Alumni Scholarship: $2,499
    Air Force Scholarship: $2,000

    Fernanda Lima – MCPHS Nursing       
    Presidential Scholarship: $16,000

    Jace Lindsey – Worcester State University (Undecided)         
    WSU Award: $970
    WSU Grant: $1,500
    Grant: $1,500
    Grant: $672
    Grant: $300
    MASSGrant: $600

    Jack Mahoney – UMass Amherst (Marketing)
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Jake Mandile – University of New Hampshire (Electrical Engineering)
    Non-Resident Grant: $950
    Presidential Scholarship: $9,999

    Christopher Mason – University of Arizona (Aerospace Engineering)
    E. Wayne Kay High School Scholarship: $1,500
    University of Arizona Distinction Award scholarship: $30,000

    Nickolas Montani – Rodenhiser (HVAC Tech Apprenticeship)
    James Franklin Memorial Award: $200

    Carl Muanya – Johnson and Wales University (Cyber Threat & Intelligence Defense)
    Academic Scholarship: $24,000

    Connor Murphy
    – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Architecture)
    Presidential Scholarship: $17,000

    Kacie Najarian – Roger Williams University (Business)
    Roger Williams Presidential Scholarship: $18,000

    Matthew Sexton – Keene State College (Safety & Occupational Health Applied Sciences)
    FAFSA Completed Award: $500
    KSC President Scholarship: $6,500

    Ryan Shaw – Quinsigamond Community College (Electronics Engineering)
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $720

    Steven Sweet – Employed by Precision Collision Center Inc. (Collision Repair Technician)
    James Sochia Memorial Award for Tools: $500

    Joseph Tutela – Johnson & Wales University (Baking & Pastry Arts and Food & Beverage Management)
    NRAEF The Ernie Tremblay Scholarship: $999
    Michael Drinkwater Scholarship: $500
    VTC Trade Memorial Scholarship: $1,000

    Aiden Bourdeau
    – Worcester State University (Visual and Performing Arts)
    Grant: $1,500
    WSU Tuition Award: $970
    BVT Teachers Association-Richard Bernard Scholarship: $500

    Payton Hartshorn – Employed in Auto Collision Field
    Joey Wilson Memorial: $600

    Nicholas Healey – Electrical Apprenticeship
    Polyfoam Corporation Scholarship: $500
    VTC Trade Memorial Scholarship: $1,000

    Evan Pariseau – Western New England University (Engineering)
    First Robotics Scholarship: $1,000
    Presidential Scholarship: $22,000
    Western New England University Scholarship: $1,000

    Dylann Rebidue – University of New Hampshire (Undecided)
    Chancellor's Scholarship: $10,000

    Abigail Weagle – University of New Hampshire (Occupational Therapy)
    DAR-Good Citizenship: $575
    Mendon Lions Club: $1,000
    Trustees' Scholarship: $12,000
    UNH Non-Resident Tuition Grant: $10,600

    Ryan Caddell
    – Framingham State University (Environmental Sustainability)
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $970
    Honors Program Scholarship: $2,000

    Aaron Canali – Bridgewater State University (Undecided)
    Class of 2020 Scholarship: $500

    Zachary Desrosiers
    – UMass Dartmouth (Computer Science)
    UMass Dartmouth Chancellor's Scholarship: $6,000
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,418

    Nicholas Kirby – Clemson University (Biomedical Engineering)
    Clemson O/S Tuition Scholarship: $7,500
    Clemson University Scholarship: $500
    MSAA Student Achievement Award: $500

    Hayley Vecchione – University of Maine (Nursing)
    The University of Maine's Presidential Flagship: $25,000

    Emery Amtmann – Connecticut College (Molecular Biology)
    NHS Scholarship: $500

    Grace Arnold – Johnson & Wales University (Culinary Arts)
    JWU Grant: $1,000
    JWU Scholarship: $7,050
    JWU Skills USA Scholarship: $1,999
    Presidential Academic Scholarship: $12,499
    Culinary Arts Alumni "Mr. B" Scholarship: $1,000
    Michael Drinkwater Scholarship: $500
    VTC Trade Memorial Scholarship: $1,000
    MRAEF/Ernie Tremblay Scholarship: $1,000

    Melanie Bisbee – University of Connecticut (Nursing)
    UCONN Award: $18,500
    Perry Memorial Volunteer Scholarship: $500

    Anna Cook – Montserrat College of Art (Photography)
    Merit Scholarship: $19,500

    Emma Cummings – Endicott College (Business)
    Presidential Academic Scholarship: $14,000
    Endicott College Grant: $10,200
    MA Gilbert Grant: $1,000

    Kevin Downing – UMass Amherst (Computer Science)
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Brenden Elder – Worcester State University (Psychology)       
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $970
    Ken Baker Memorial Scholarship: $500

    Trinity Gibbs – Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Biology & Biotechnology)
    WPI Presidential Scholarship: $31,000
    WPI Scholarship: $12,450

    Shaylanni Green – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Interior Design)
    Grant: $3,845
    MA Gilbert Grant: $2,000
    Wentworth President's Award: $15,000
    Grant: $1,198
    Early Action Scholarship: $1,000
    Early Filer Award: $499

    Meghan Griggs
    – Northeastern University (Bioengineering)
    Presidential Scholarship: $46,200
    Class of 2020 Scholarship: $500

    Elizabeth Hannon – Plymouth State University (Nursing)
    Dean Scholarship: $34,000

    Grant Houatchanthara – University of Rhode Island (Data Science)
    University Grant: $3,400
    URI University Scholarship: $10,000

    Kayleigh Labrecque – Franklin Pierce University (Music)
    FP Presidential Scholarship: $29,000

    Alexandria Lopez – UMass Dartmouth (Interior Design)
    Chancellor's Scholarship: $5,000
    Grant: $1,600
    Grant: $2,990

    Victoria Lopez – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Biomedical Engineering)
    Early Action Scholarship: $999
    President's Award: $16,499

    Luke Malkasian – UMass Amherst (Electrical Engineering)
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714
    Lacrosse #8 Scholarship: $250

    Kaitlyn Manzii – Sacred Heart University (Nursing)
    The President's Excellence Award: $17,500
    The Thomas More Honors Scholarship: $2,000
    Marcelyn Karagosian Memorial Scholarship: $500
    James Sochia Memorial Award -Good Citizenship: $1,000
    Olivia Noel Rotondo Memorial RI Dance Scholarship:  $2,500
    The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation Community Scholarship: $1,000
    The Performing Arts Participation Grant: $2,500

    Nathan Nackman – University of Maine (Orno Industrial Design/Mechanical Engineering)
    Presidential Scholarship: $24,998

    Thomas Puda – East Carolina University (Communications)
    Knights of Columbus: $500
    ECU Grant: $3,000

    Matthew Scholl – Employment-Machining
    Matthew L. Fleming Memorial Award: $200

    Morgan Stanick – University of South Carolina, Columbia (Exercise Science)
    Academic Scholar: $9,696
    Academic Scholar: $500

    Matthew Trenholm – University of Massachusetts Amherst
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Isabella Trombino – Regis College (Dental Hygiene)
    Residential Grant: $3,000
    St. Joseph's Merritt Scholarship: $26,000

    Evelyn Williams
    – Maine College of Art (Painting)
    Merit-Based Scholarship: $21,000

    Trin Astrella
    – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Aeronautical Engineering)
    Presidential Scholarship: $16,000

    George Briggs – UMass Boston (Biology)        
    Full Scholarship: $30,000

    Emily Devine – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Interior Design)
    Presidential Scholarship: $17,000
    Early Action Scholarship: $500
    Early Filer Award: $500
    Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild of Mendon: $1,000

    Tyler Distefano – University of Rhode Island (Computer Engineering)
    Grant: $10,000

    Rachel Dube – Quinnipiac University (Nursing)
    Trustee Award: $28,000
    FWS Award: $2,000
    Grant: $3,544
    Grant: $2,000
    Quinnipiac Award $1,183

    Erin Fitman – Emerson College (Media Arts Production)
    Aspire Scholarship: $20,000
    Emerson Grant: $9,450

    Kiera Gruttadauria – Suffolk University (Marketing)
    Trustee Scholarship: $10,800
    Achievement Grant: $15,000

    Ava Larocque – UMass Amherst, Commonwealth Honors College (Construction Management)
    Deans Scholarship: $2,000

    Hannah Limanek – Roger Williams University (Engineering)
    American Legion Dudley-Gendron Post 414: $500
    Roger Williams University Presidential Scholarship: $18,000
    Sten K. Brote Memorial Scholarship: $1,000
    Sons of the American Legion Post 414 in Memory of WWII Veteran Victor Karacius: $1,000
    Sutton Lions Club: $500

    Jaedyn Snow – Assumption University (Nursing)
    Assumption University Grant: $11,000
    Milleret Scholarship: $20,000 

    Tigest White – Hawaii Pacific University
    Provost Scholarship: $13,000

    Jake Campbell
     – 20th Century Homes Construction (Laborer)
    Fran Dupre Memorial Scholarship: $250

    Kirsten Dinsmore – Keene State College (Nursing)
    FAFSA Completed Award: $500
    William T. Morris Grant: $1,000
    KSC President Scholarship: $7,500
    Keene State Grant: $8,800
    Work-Study: $2,500

    Patrick Dunham – Bridgewater State University (Elementary Education and History)
    BSU Undergraduate Scholarship: $7,910

    Cameron Eugster – Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Marine Transportation)
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,554
    Admiral Scholarship: $4,000

    Lauren Flynn – Westfield State University (History)       
    Presidential Merit Scholarship: $4,000

    Benjamin Hardcastle – American International College (Media & Communications)
    Athletic Scholarship: $20,000

    Susan Houskeeper – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Mechanical Engineering)
    Gene Haas Scholarship: $2,500

    Elizabeth Howell – Northeastern (Neuroscience)
    Mendon/Upton Fire & EMS: $500

    John Lemieux – Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Electrical/Computer Engineering)
    WPI Presidential Scholarship: $14,500
    St. Gabriel Women’s Club Scholarship: $500

    Kaitlyn Rankins – Westfield State University (Undecided)
    Broadway Youth Dance Theatre Scholarships: $300
    George L. Wood Upton VFW Post#5594 Scholarship: $300
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $970

    ShyAnn Baillargeon – Salve Regina University (Environmental Studies)
    Grant: $6,400
    Salve Regina University Grant: $7,700
    Trustee Scholarship: $18,000
    Dean Bank Scholarship: $1,000

    Jacob Barber – UMass Dartmouth (Psychology)
    BVT Teachers Association: $250

    Gianna Bassignani – Bridgewater State University (Pre-Athletic Training)
    Uxbridge Dollars for Scholars/Forest & Caroline Andrews Scholarship: $2,500

    Madeleine Bleyhl – UMass Amherst (Undecided)       
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Braydon Booth-Desmarais – Assumption College (History)
    Assumption Achievement Award: $21,000
    Assumption University Grant: $2,342
    Grant: $6,495
    Grant: $1,799
    Greyhound Spirit Award: $8,500

    Thomas Breau – UMass Lowell (Computer Science)
    Dean Scholarship: $7,849
    Grant: $6,345
    Grant: $900
    UML Grant: $2,000
    UML Scholarship: $3,000
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,454

    Isabella Caccavelli – University of Alabama (Nursing)
    University of Alabama Academic Merit Scholarship: $8,000
    Student Council Scholarship: $300
    UniBank Scholarship: $2,000

    Alana Clancy – Salem State (Undecided)
    SSU Grant: $400
    Viking Grant: $1,000
    Uxbridge Dollars for Scholars-Forest & Caroline Andrews Scholarship: $2,500

    Jacob Constable – UMass Amherst (Electrical Engineering)
    Hannaford Scholarship Program: $5,000

    Isaac Curley – Lehigh University (Mechanical Engineering)
    Lehigh University Grant: $20,020
    Rossin College Grant: $7,500
    Gene Haas Scholarship: $2,250

    Molly Curley – Case Western Reserve University (Nursing)
    Bolton Scholarship: $14,999
    AFL-CIO Union Scholarship: $10,000
    CWRU Grant: $5,000

    Connor Donahue – Colby-Sawyer College (Sports Management)
    Early Action Scholarship: $6,000
    Presidential Scholarship: $28,000
    Colby-Sawyer College Grant: $6,495

    Zachary Ferrick – University of New Haven (Cybersecurity-Computer Science)        
    University Award: $20,000

    Madison Gannon – Rochester Institute of Technology (Biomedical Engineering)
    Fall River Public Schools Scholarship: $400
    RIT Grant: $10,600
    RIT National Recognition Scholarship: $2,000
    RIT Presidential Scholarship: $22,500
    RIT Recognition Scholarship: $2,000
    Grant: $1,000
    Valley Tech School Committee Academic Scholarship: $200

    Casey Goyette – Northeastern University (Computer Engineering)
    Gene Haas Scholarship: $2,250
    Knights of Columbus: $500
    NTHS Scholarship: $500
    Presidential: $18,000

    Mason Leavitt – R Harris Plumbing & Heating (Plumbing Apprenticeship)
    Fran Dupre Memorial Scholarship: $250
    VTC Trade Memorial Scholarship: $1,000

    Hailey Lisak – Stonehill College (Biology)
    Shields Merit Scholarship: $27,000
    Stonehill Founders Award: $2,500

    John Lowrey – Bryant University (Business Administration)
    Bryant University Merit Scholarship: $15,000
    Mass Gas-David Millard Memorial Scholarship: $200

    Michael Maietta – UMass Boston (Environmental Sciences)
    Grant: $1,800
    Chancellor Scholarship: $10,000
    Grant: $6,495
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Raymond Makynen – UMass Dartmouth (Electrical Engineering)
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,418

    Marissa Manganelli – Fitchburg State University (Nursing)
    Fitchburg State University Grant Money: $6,999

    Mia McCluskey – Westfield State University (Criminal Justice)
    Dean Scholarship: $499

    Khushi Patel – College of the Holy Cross (Biology)     
    Milford Federal Bank Scholarship: $1,000
    Chad Holbrook Memorial Scholarship: $500
    NTHS Scholarship: $500

    Isabella Pimentel – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Industrial Design)
    Uxbridge Dollars for Scholars-Forest & Caroline Andrews Scholarship: $2,500
    Wentworth President's Award: $17,000

    Matthew Raposo – Employment in HVAC Field
    Derek Yancik Memorial Scholarship: $500

    Matthew Richardson – Salve Regina (Marketing)
    Trustee Scholarship: $18,000

    Caroline Sanford – UMass Amherst (Mechanical Engineering)
    Gene Haas Scholarship: $2,250
    Polyfoam Corporation Scholarship: $500

    Kevin Sawyer – University of Rhode Island (Biomedical Engineering)
    Presidential Scholarship: $12,000
    University Fund Grant: $2,500
    Joey Wilson Memorial Tool: $600
    Michael Cammuso Memorial Scholarship: $1,000

    Owen Silvestro – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)       
    Wentworth President's Award: $15,500 

    Ella Yaroshefski – Eastern Connecticut State University (Biochemistry)
    Presidential Scholars Award: $3,000

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