• We Are in This Together!
    When it comes to your children's health and wellbeing, whether it's a chronic condition, emotional health, substance misuse, or building healthy habits around physical activity and nutrition, parents, you are important influences on their behavior. Working together with our school nurses, counselors, and nutritionist, you have a team of professionals who will provide your child with the care they deserve to help them grow up to happy and healthy young adults. 

  • Student Health Resources
    Teens have many important questions and concerns about themselves, their friends, and the world around them, but figuring out who to ask about what and when isn’t always easy. Reaching out to their parents, teacher, coach, or a trusted adult is always a good place to start. When that is not an option, these health resources provide a wealth of information and advice that may help you to find answers to your questions, to better understand the changes that you and your friends are going through, and to make smart decisions about your life.  

    • Children's Hospital Boston Young Women's Health 
    • Children's Hospital Young Men's Health 
    • TEENS with Food allergies 
    • Substance Use 
    • Vaping