• Title I QA

    Title I Q&A
    In an effort to keep you informed, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Title I.

    Q   Why did I receive a Title I Parent Compact?
    A   Title I funding is received from the federal government. As part of the requirements to
          receive this funding, we must send out a letter annually to all of the parents of Title I
          students informing them of their child’s status and their rights as a parent to request
          information about their child’s teachers. One of the other requirements is that BVT ask
          the parents for their cooperation and support of students in the Title I program, and
          pledge to do the same. More information about the responsibilities of BVT, the parent’s
          responsibilities, and your student’s responsibilities are included in the compact.

    Q   Why has my child been chosen as a Title I student?
    A   If your student is currently a freshman at BVT, we used the results of the High School
          Placement Test by Scholastic Testing Service, Inc. your child took upon acceptance to BVT
          to help determine eligibility for Title 1. Students who are identified as to who may need extra
          supports in the areas of math, reading, and science are scheduled into Title 1 support ed
          classes in these areas.

          If your child is currently a sophomore, junior, or senior, a combination of factors including
          MCAS data, current grades, and teacher evaluations factor into whether or not they qualify
          for Title I services.

          At the end of every year, the academic departments meet to review the current list of
          students to determine if they still qualify. If students no longer qualify, they are removed
          from the list. Students who do not qualify as Title I can be recommended for the program
          at any point during the school year.

    Q   Does this mean my child is currently failing or at risk of failing?
    A   Absolutely not. What Title I qualification means is that at some point in time, there was an
          indication that your student may have been at risk or was performing below grade level
          (we focus on English, Math, and Science since those are what are tested on MCAS). If they
          are currently successful in school, that means we are doing our job correctly! Title I
          placement does not change depending on your child’s current grades.

    Q   Will my child’s schedule change because they are in the Title I program?
    A   Generally speaking, no, unless they are struggling with the current classes in which they are
          enrolled. Your child is currently learning in classrooms that are supplemented with instructors,
          aides, or materials that are paid for with Title I funds; there are no separate Title I classrooms.
          We make a concentrated effort NOT to single out Title I students.

    Q   Who knows whether my child receives Title I services or not?
    A   The state and federal education departments require us to report Title I status on our
          quarterly reports. Our Title I Director maintains a database that is used to determine where
          funds can best be spent to help students succeed. A list of Title I students is also reviewed
          by the academic teachers at the end of the year to determine who still qualifies for
          services. This information is kept completely confidential. It is very possible your child is
          not aware of their status!

    Q   What can I do to help my child?
    A   We love it when parents ask that question!
          Encourage your child to read. It is a component of every classroom and shop. The more
          they read, the better they will be at reading. Follow up with your child. Ask if they have
          homework, and if possible sit with them while they are doing it to provide motivation and
          encouragement. Check in to iParent to see current grades, and follow up on missing or
          current assignments. Help your child be mindful of his/her grades and assignments. E-mail
          teachers if you have any questions about your child’s performance!

    Q   Where can I get more information?
    A   If your child is having trouble in their classes, the first step should be to check on their grades
          using iParent. Directions for signing onto iParent are available on the BVT website. Talk to
          your child and discuss shared concerns. Next contact your child’s teacher to see what the
          best course of action would be. Your child’s guidance counselor might also be a good
          source of information.




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