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    Celebrating Our Sophomores with a BVT Tradition
    The custom of wearing a class ring originated in 1835, almost 186 years ago, when students at West Point Military Academy wore a class ring to show their unity and serve as a remembrance of their time at the Academy.

    Selecting a Ring At BVT, we have been honoring the tradition of class rings for over 50 years. Our alums will tell you that the class ring is a custom-designed keepsake that is symbolic of your academic, vocational, and athletic successes. It's a remembrance of your time at BVT and is worn with pride that ties Beavers, young and old, together.

    Because traditions are a fundamental part of our school culture, it is our custom to celebrate our sophomores at their ring ceremony as a whole class while highlighting each student as an individual, as unique as the rings they design. Creating a personalized class ring allows you to express your individuality. This can be a lot of fun as there are often thousands of designs to choose from and endless engraving combinations.

    Ring Ceremony & Dance
    Sophomores, join your classmates and show off your custom-designed ring at this year’s Sophomore Ring Ceremony on Friday, December 1st, at 6:00 p.m. in the Competition Center. All sophomores are welcome to participate and are encouraged to attend the ceremony regardless of whether they purchased a ring from Jostens, another company, or decided not to purchase a ring, although we hope you will. Your families are also welcome to attend the ceremony. We hope your entire class will gather together to celebrate, embrace this tradition, and wear your rings with pride!

    Class Ring Details
    There will be a sophomore class meeting on Monday, September 18th, at 1:30 p.m. in the Competition Center, and class ring information packets with individual finger sizers will be distributed then.

    Class Ring Ordering Nights  
    Visit our campus on one of these ordering nights or in school on our ordering day to ensure your ring is delivered in time for the Ring Ceremony:   
    Tuesday, September 26th – 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the location TBD (last name A-K)
    Tuesday, September 27th – 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria (last name L-Z)

    Class Ring Ordering Days
    If you can't join us on September 26th or 27th, you can design and order your class ring online at Jostens. Simply print your web quote and bring it to the Class Ring order table during any of the lunches on Thursday, September 28th. 

    • All rings ordered by October 2nd will be delivered at the Sophomore Ring Ceremony on Friday, December 1st.    

  • Be a Part of Our Tradition!

    Friday, December 1st
    Sophomore Ring Ceremony

    Ceremony at 6:00 p.m. in the
    Competition Center
    (Families are welcome to attend)

    Sophomore Ring Dance
    at 7:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria

    The Wearing of Class Rings
    Did you know there is a meaning behind how one wears a class ring? Here are a few traditions and ring-wearing etiquette that are still being honored today:

    Which way should a class ring be facing?
    Once students receive their class rings, it is worn with the school name facing the students. This represents their pending graduation. On graduation day, students turn their rings around so that the school name is facing out towards other people. So, if your arm is outstretched, the name of your school can be read, and it shows that you’re an alumnus.

    Which hand and finger
    should you wear your ring?

    Class rings are to be worn on your right-hand ring finger. This is to be sure there is no confusion between class rings and other types of jewelry, such as a wedding ring.

    The exchange of class rings?
    That's right! Back in the day, most high school students not only bought class rings but also exchanged them with their sweethearts. Boyfriends gave their class ring and letterman jacket to their girlfriends, and girlfriends gave their class ring to their boyfriends, who then wore them on a chain around their necks. The rings and jackets were signs that a couple was dating.

    My, how times have changed. Not only have the style of class rings changed, now boyfriends give their girlfriends their hoodies to wear. While letterman jackets have been replaced with hoodies, the class rings have not.

    So, commemorate your high school years and honor the BVT tradition with your very own class ring.