• We're Your Partners in Prevention
    As partners in prevention, we are working together to educate your child about the dangers and risks of using e-cigarette and vaping. We each have a responsibility, one we take very seriously, to help them live a happy and healthy life. 

    Our Administrators
    As part of our Administrative Team, our Assistant Principals not only share the responsibility of being advisers to our students through prevention training, but also act as disciplinarians. They have implemented a new three day out-of-school suspension for any student caught vaping or in possession of an electronic smoking device on campus. This includes e-cigarette chargers, vape pens, Juuls, cartridges, or vape juices. Please refer to page 34 of our Student Handbook for our complete policy.

    Our School Resource Officer
    Our School Resource Officer, Isiah Poxon, partners with our Assistant Principals to ensure the safety of all students. Officer Poxon brings his law enforcement knowledge and experience to help students understand the dangers of vaping and educates them on the illegality of possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia.

    Our Health Care Professionals
    Our School Nurses and the School Based Health Center team are very familiar with the risks and dangers of using vaporizers. They help to educate our students and staff on the effects nicotine and vape juice have on the brain and body. It is also important to provide resources to students who are having difficulty quitting, or those who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

    Our Counselors
    Our School Counselors are available to work with students on making better choices, dealing with stress and challenges, being mindful, and coping with triggers. Building a solid foundation socially and emotionally will help them navigate their teenage years.

    Our Teachers
    Our teachers are trained to recognize vaping and e-cigarette use in their classrooms and shops. Sharing their observations and concerns with our Assistant Principals can often be the first step to preventing further use of e-cigarettes. 

    Our Athletic Director
    On and off the athletic field, vaping is not tolerated. In a recent letter to parents of student athletes, our Athletic Director informed them of the risks of vaping and e-cigarette use and asked all athletes to sign an agreement to stay drug-free. Student athletes are aware that if they are caught in possession of or using an e-cigarette, there will lose 25 percent of their sports season. 

    Our Parents
    You are our most important partner in prevention! Let us help you start a conversation with your child, learn the facts and health risks, and prevent future use by attending our Community Information Session: Up In Smoke - Vaping and E-cigarette Use

  • We're Here for You!

    Your partners in prevention are always
    within reach. If you have a question or
    concern about how to start a conversation
    with your child about e-cigarettes and
    vaping, please feel free to reach out to us.
    Matthew Urquhart
    Assistant Principal
    508–529–7758  x3024
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    Assistant Principal
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