Q:  Is there a minimum age requirement to participate in Advanced Manufacturing
          Foundational Skills Moonlight Program? 
    A:  Yes. Anyone 18 years of age and older may participate. 
    Q:  Where do I park?
    A:  Parking spaces are available around the exterior of the building. Unless otherwise
          restricted by clearly marked signs, you may park in any available space. Parking
          in front of any shop door is prohibited.
    Q:  Where do I enter the building on the first day of class? 
    A:  Enter through the main entrance of the school and look for a staff member of our 
          Moonlight Program or self-directed signage to guide you to class. Please plan to
          arrive 15 minutes before the start of class.
    Q:  Will a refund be issued if I am unable to complete the course? 
    A:  Yes. Prorated refunds are calculated on the Base Tuition of $500 using the
          following schedule:       

          • Before the first day of class (100%)
          • During the first two weeks (70%)      
          • During the third and fourth weeks (30%)
          • After the fourth week, tuition will not be refunded

    Q:  Do I need to bring any supplies to class?
    A:  Yes, just a few. Please bring pens, pencils, and a notebook. All other supplies and 
          materials are provided at no additional charge.

          Note: The toolkit, safety glasses, and online program manual have been paid for with your
          tuition; therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to replace any lost or
    damaged items.

    Q:  What if my class is canceled?
    A:  Should a class be canceled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances;
          notifications will be posted using the methods described below. Class will be rescheduled
          for Thursday of that same week, unless other arrangements are made between the
          instructor and students. When regular day school is canceled due to weather related
          conditions or other emergency events, evening classes will automatically be canceled.
          If regular day school has not been canceled but the weather is deteriorating, evening
          classes “may” be canceled.

    Q:  How will I be notified of the cancellation?
    A:  It is the student’s responsibility to stay informed of any class cancellations. To help in
          that effort, BVT uses the following methods to notify Moonlight students of any
          class cancellations:

          • Website home banner: www.valleytech.k12.ma.us
          • District Message: by calling 508–529–7758
          • Remind [APP]

    Q:  Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?
    A:  This is a 15-week course, delivering 45 hours of instruction. BVT does NOT issue college
          credit or any equivalent. In addition to a certificate of completion, each participant
          (depending on the skills achieved) will have the opportunity to sit for the MACWIC Level 1
          or MACWIC Level 2 Certification Exam.

    Q:  Does my instructor have office hours?
    A:  Yes. Our instructors will be available 30 minutes before each class.

    Q:  Can I smoke on campus?
    A:  No! BVT's campus is smoke-free. This includes the use of all tobacco products within the
          school building and/or on school grounds.

    Q:  Are food or snacks available?
    A:  Yes. Students have access to the beverage and snack vending machines outside
          the cafeteria.

  • More Questions?

    Should you have more questions
    or need additional assistance,
    please call our Vocational Office at:
    508–529–7758 x3004 or e-mail us at: