• Break Free From Depression
    Learn How We're Addressing Mental Health with Our Students
    All teens face emotional and psychological challenges as they grow into young adults. A great deal of their behavior, thoughts, and feelings are a normal part of this major developmental transition. Yet, students' responses to these challenges can vary from disabling disorders and transient problems to amazing resilience. Studies have shown there is a strong connection between emotional health and academic progress. Students who are battling with emotional issues cannot learn as well as students who are happy, healthy, and able to devote their full attention to their coursework. Therefore, addressing our students' social and emotional needs throughout this exciting and challenging time of their lives is an important part of the programming at BVT.
    Our school counselors will address important mental health topics, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide with our student body in the following ways:

    • Break Free from Depression Curriculum
    • Brief Screening for Adolescent Depression  

    • Break Free From Depression Review Lesson   
    • Building Wellness Lesson

    • Break Free from Depression Review Lesson 
    • Brief Screening for Adolescent Depression  

    • Accessing Mental Health Support after High School Presentation
  • Important Dates

    Thursday, April 7th
    Accessing Mental Health Support
    After High School Presentation

    Monday, April 11th 
    Break Free from Depression
    Review Lesson & Screening

    Tuesday, April 26th
    Building Wellness Lesson


    Thursday, January 6th
    Break Free from Depression Pre-Test

    Tuesday, January 18th
    Deadline to opt-out of the
    Brief Screening for Adolescent Depression

    Break Free from Depression
    Module 1: Psychoeducation

    Wednesday, January 19th
    Break Free from Depression
    Module 2: Viewing the Documentary 

    Thursday, January 20th
    Break Free from Depression
    Module 3: Debriefing the Documentary
    Module 4: Coping Skills

    Friday, January 21st
    Break Free from Depression Post-Test

    Monday, January 24th
    Brief Screening for
    Adolescent Depression