• MCAS Exam
    Do you know what test has the biggest impact on earning your high school diploma? The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) is a standardized test administered to all students in Massachusetts educated with public funds. You must earn a scaled score of at least the equivalent of a 240 on both the sophomore ELA and the sophomore Mathematics MCAS or score between the equivalent of a 220 and 238 on both tests and meet the requirements of an Educational Proficiency Plan (EPP) as part of earning a high school diploma.

    Important Attendance Note
    Parents and students are advised that attendance during MCAS testing is mandatory. Please avoid scheduling appointments or other conflicting events that prevent a student from being present during scheduled test dates.




  • Mark Your Calendar!

    MCAS Exams for Sophomores
    (Attendance Mandatory)

    ELA Session 1
    Tuesday, March 28th

    ELA Session 2
    Wednesday, March 29th

    Math Session 1
    Tuesday, May 16th

    Math Session 2
    Wednesday, May 17th

    Biology & Physics Exams
    (Includes Honors Freshmen)

    Science Session 1
    Tuesday, June 6th

    Science Session 2
    Wednesday, June 7th