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    Keeping Communication Open, Honest, and Two-Way!
    Communication is at the heart of education and is a dynamic part of every school’s success. To improve communication between home and school, and to continue with our online access for parents, we’re providing you with real-time access to your child’s attendance, schedules, grades, and biographical information through iParent. 

    What is iParent? 
    The iParent system is tightly integrated into the District's iPass student information system, which is specifically designed to provide an additional means of communication and sharing information between parents, teachers, students, and administrators. With iParent you can:

    • Update your personal information (phone, email, address, etc.)
    • View your child's schedule
    • View your child's attendance record
    • View your child's progress reports and report cards

    Register Today!
    If you have already registered for iParent, you DO NOT need to register again. For those parents/guardians who have yet to sign up, please note that completing the registration form does not immediately provide you with online access. Each registration has to be reviewed and approved for accuracy. 

    If you need help navigating iParent, you can access our iParent Registration How-to-Guide

    If you have additional questions or concerns with your current iParent account or setting up a new account, please contact: tech_assistance@valleytech.k12.ma.us

  • 2020 – 2021 Trimester Dates

    September 8th – November 25th

    Grades Close
    Wednesday, November 25th

    Term 1 Report Cards
    Monday, December 7th

    November 30th – March 19th

    Grades Close
    Friday, March 19th

    Term 2 Report Cards
    Monday, March 29th

    March 22nd – June 18th

    Grades Close
    Friday, June 18th

    Term 3 Report Cards
    Monday, June 28th