• Freshman Shop Placement  
    Freshmen Shop Placement
    Our freshmen students have been immersed in seven vocational programs and now it’s time for them to choose the vocational program that they will focus on for the next three years. During the Exploratory Program, many students have fallen in love with a shop that was not among their initial top-three choices; this means the program is working! With the help of our Career Enrichment classes, freshmen have discovered which vocational-technical areas are best suited to their aptitudes, interests, and career plans.

    As the Exploratory Program ends, our school counselors are available to assist students with additional questions during the decision process. The students will soon complete the Decide Survey to assist us in placing them in their permanent shops.

    It’s an exciting time in our students’ vocational-technical education, and many of them are nervous. We’re here to help them make the best decisions for their futures.
  • Shop Placement Process
    Students are admitted into a shop based on the score they received during its exploratory period. Shop placement is also dependent upon the program capacity and the scores of other students. For example, a student with a score of 150 would be admitted before a student with a score of 120. If a shop exceeds its capacity for enrollment, students are then placed in their second through seventh choices according to their selection. Just as with their first choice selection, their placement in their second through seventh choice program is dependent upon their score and program capacity. In all cases, tie scores are broken by the cumulative average of all seven exploratory evaluations. A more detailed description of the placement process is located on pages 9 and 10 of the Admissions Policy.

    Additional questions or concerns regarding shop placement should be directed to your teen's school counselor.

  • Decide Survey Instructions
    Freshmen and parents should review the student’s shop scores along with the anticipated certifications and professional requirements.

    1.  Log Into Classlink
         •  Once in Classlink link, login to your Naviance account.

    2.  Select the Survey
         •  Go to the “My Account” dropdown and click on “Surveys from Your School.”
         •  Click on the “Decide Survey” link. It will direct you to complete the survey.

    3.  Complete the Survey
         •  It is suggested that you review your Career Interst Profiler results and Exploratory
             Reflections to help you make your decision.
         •  Rank your shop placement choices 1–7.

             NOTE: You may NOT list a shop you did not explore.

    4.  Save Your Survey (optional)
         •  If you are unsure of how you want to rank your shops, or if you have not discussed
             your choices with your parent/guardian, you can save your answers and go back
             to the task later.

    5.  Submit the Survey
         •  When you and your parent/guardian enter your names, it is your/their official
             electronic signature. This certifies that the selections are accurate and final.
         •  Any misrepresentation could be cause for disciplinary action and could result in a
             possible change in final shop placement.
         •  Once you have completed your Decide Survey in Naviance and reviewed it with
             your parent/guardian, submit your answers by clicking “Save and Finish”.

             NOTE: You cannot change your answers once they are submitted. 
             All submissions are FINAL.

  • Important Dates

    Monday, November 20th
    Career Enrichment Teachers 
    will review the survey instructions 
    with students during class.

    Purple Line
    Monday, November 20th 
    The Decide Survey opens after school.

    Students log in to Classlink and
    complete the survey in Naviance
    with their parent/guardian for homework.

    Surveys are electronically signed
    by the student and the parent/guardian. 

    Purple Line
    Tuesday, November 21st
      Technical support with the survey 
    will be available if needed 
    in Career Enrichment class.

    Purple Line
    Wednesday, November 22nd
    The deadline for submitting the
    Decided Survey, 8:00 a.m.
     Purple Line

    Tuesday, December 5th
    Students receive shop placement
    notifications via e-mail during homeroom.

    Purple Line   
    Wednesday, December 6th
    First Day of Shop Placement
    Students should report
    to their shop after homeroom.

    Students should be in the same
    uniform that they wore during
    their exploratory cycle.

    Students will receive a syllabus
    from the shop instructor that
    includes uniform obligations (if any),
    so we ask that you wait to
    purchase any items until then.