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    Host a German Exchange Student & Share the BVT Experience 

    BVT is excited to welcome another group of exchange students from Germany this fall, and an opportunity to host these students is available to any family in the BVT community! Below is information provided by Adventure Homestays Abroad the agency that coordinates all aspects of the program. Interested families may also reach out to local Adventure Homestays Abroad representative, Maria Rodriguez, by e-mailing her at: spaniard@gmx.net

    Who can host?
    Anyone who is willing to open their heart and their home to an international student for three weeks and can provide room and board for the exchange student. The students do not need to be provided – nor are they expecting to receive – their own room; they only need a place to sleep to call their own. This can be an air mattress, bed, or pull out sofa. International student exchanges provide enriching experiences for both the student and the host family and foster understanding between the US and other countries of the world.

    When are the dates?
    A group of German students will be in our area from Sunday, October 13th to Sunday, November 3rd. We are looking for host families for this group of students, but we are also looking for families to host future groups. We are considering expanding the program to other areas of the world, so please contact us if hosting is an option for your family even if this time frame does not work for your schedule.

    What is expected of the host family?

    The host families are expected to include the exchange student in their every day lives. Students need to be provided a place to sleep and will share the meals with the family. The student will attend school daily. The group of exchange students will go on three excursions, one per week. All students have spending money and full health and liability insurance. It would also be nice if the host family can meet their student at the airport with a little sign, welcoming them to this country. It is a very touching and special moment when the students come out of the international area and see somebody waiting for them. Most families don't want to return the student at the end of the visit because strong relationships are built. 

    What activities are scheduled?
    The exchange students will – as a group – have multiple excursions during their stay. Most likely, one excursion will be scheduled each week. The host family will be provided with the dates and agenda for each of the excursions prior to the arrival of the student.

  • For More Information

    If you are interested in hosting an
    exchange student, reach out to Mr. Evans
    by phone: 508–529–7758  x3011,
    e-mail: eevans@valleytech.k12.ma.us, or
    on Twitter: @ewevans3 for more information.



    International Friendships

    International Friendships
    Have you ever considered hosting
    a foreign exchange student?
    Those who have hosted, like the
    Cahill family of Uxbridge, will tell you
    that it is a rewarding experience.