• Become a Co-op Employer
    Let us help you navigate through the different stages of employing a Co-op student.
    The Benefits to You and Your Organization
    • Student employees have received prior training in safety procedures and occupational
       skills as well as obtain OSHA 10 hour card
    • Cost effective recruitment of quality employees eager to succeed in their career
       vocational technical area
    • Students develop maturity and confidence in their career skills resulting in a strong human
       resource for the employer
    • Providing opportunities for local youth creates public relations between business,
       the school and the community at large

    Responsibilities of Co-op Employer
    • Sign a Cooperative Education Agreement outlining the training our student will receive
    • Provide a Certificate of Liability showing workers' compensation coverage
    • Pay wages comparable to those of other employees doing similar tasks
    • Agree to follow BVT’s non-discrimination policy
    • Provide Co-op students with tasks of a productive nature that serve as an extension of the
       student’s Career Vocational Technical Training 
    • Evaluate student's weekly performance on student time sheets
    • Provide periodic assessments on student’s overall progress
  • Application Process
    If you are interested in having a student work at your company, the following process must occur in sequential order.

    1. Co-op Education Manual
        Employers must Read our Co-op Education Manual.

    2. Complete a Co-op Agreement
        A Co-op Agreement is required for every student participating in our Co-op Program
        who is employed at your company. Co-op Agreements can be requested by
        contacting Kerri Baltramaitis at kbaltramaitis@valleytech.k12.ma.us.

    3. Massachusetts Criminal Records Check
        The supervisor of the student must visit BVT in person to conduct a Massachusetts
        Criminal Records Check. Alternate arrangements to appearing in person are
        available but will require an MA notary to assist in completing the form and
        originals are required.

    4. Certificate of Insurance
        You must submit a copy of your certificate of insurance via: 
        • Fax a copy of the insurance to 508-529-2403, attention Co-op Office
        • E-mail a copy of the insurance to Kerri Baltramaitis, kbaltramaitis@valleytech.k12.ma.us 

    5. Work Site Visit

        You will be contacted by a school administrator or student shop instructor to
        coordinate a visit date.

    Expectations of our Cooperative Education Process
    If you’re interested in having a student employed at their company it’s important to fully understand the roles and expectations of each party (student, employer, teacher, parent, and our Co-op Office) within the process.

  • More Information

    Do you have questions
    about our Co-op Program?
    Our FAQ may help you. 

    To become a Co-op Employer
    simply apply by contacting:

    Kerri Baltramaitis
    Vocational Director
    P: 508-529-7758  x3412
    F: 508-529-2403

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