• Expectations of our Cooperative Education Process
    Our Co-Op Program has many facets in which various parties play a key role. It’s important to understand these roles and the expectations of the student, instructor, employer, and our Vocational Office within this process. 

  • Student Responsibilities
    • The student is responsible for reviewing the eligibility requirements set forth in the student handbook prior to a job interview.
       or job application submission. An eligibility form should be submitted to the Vocational Office prior to the student attending job interviews to confirm the student meets the program requirements.
    • The student should notify their instructor and the Vocational Office if a job interview is going to occur during the school day as parental permission and proper documentation are required prior to the absence.
    • Once the student has been offered a job, the student will be granted access to complete the formal Co-Op application digitally. The last step before a student begins a job assignment is to attend a mandatory employability and Co-Op expectation session. These sessions are scheduled by the Vocational Office once the application is completed by both the student and the employer.

  • Instructor Responsibilities
    • The instructor is able to assist the student in the prescreening process of their eligibility (refer to the BVT student handbook). 
    • In coordinating a time for interviews, the instructor should advise the Vocational Office when this occurs. 
    • Once the student has been offered a job, the instructor will sign the student’s Co-Op application.  
    • Before a student can begin a job assignment, a site visit is required for all companies, including those who have participated in the program previously. Shop instructors will complete these inspections and meet with employers. 

  • Employer Responsibilities
    • The employer should notify the student directly in writing of the job offer including wage and tentative start date. 
    • Employer will respond timely to all BVT communications and complete the electronic Co-Op agreement when received by the BVT Vocational Office. 
    • A copy of the company's current certificate of liability showing proof of workers compensation coverage will be provided to the BVT Vocational Office.
    • Direct supervisor of the student will complete a MA CORI form with BVT in person externally in the presence of a MA notary.
    • Company will allow BVT staff/administrator to conduct a site safety inspection prior to the student beginning work and then periodically thereafter. 
    The documentation mentioned above is not completed and employers are not enrolled in the BVT Co-Op program until a student has begun the application process after a formal job offer has been received.