• Take Part in Our Co-op Program 
    As a senior or third-trimester junior approved for the Cooperative Education Program, you become ambassadors for BVT in local industries and businesses. You have the unique opportunity to gain valuable job experience by working in local businesses during your scheduled shop weeks. As a junior, you are eligible to work your third trimester through the summer into your senior year.
    To participate in Co-op, you must first receive approval from your parents/ guardians, your vocational instructor, and the Vocational Director. Such approval indicates that you have met all criteria, are in good academic and vocational standing, and have a record of good attendance and good conduct.
    The Vocational Office agrees to select candidates based on the student’s abilities and the Cooperative Education employer’s needs. Each student is assigned an on-the-job supervisor who provides supervision and instruction during employment, as well as a periodic evaluation that is used to determine the student’s technical grade. The student’s progress is monitored on a regular basis and any and all employer concerns will be addressed by BVT.

  • Application Process
    If you are interested in taking part in our Co-op Program there are requirements that must be met. The following process must occur in sequential order.

    1. Student Handbook
        Review the requirements set forth in our Student Handbook prior to
        any job interview or job application submission.

    2. Eligibility Form 
        The eligibility form can be completed here. The Vocational Office will advise the student
        of their status once it has been verified: Eligibility Form

    3. Job Interview
        If a job interview is offered to a student, they must notify their instructor and the
        Vocational Office as to when it is scheduled to occur. If the interview is scheduled
        to occur during school hours, a parent’s signed note must be submitted to the
        BRC prior to dismissal. The BRC verifies all interviews with the Vocational Office
        for attendance records.

    4. Final Online Application
        Once the student has been offered a job, the student will be granted access to
        the final online application which must be completed. A hard copy will be printed
        for the parents, students, and shop instructor to sign.

        Please note that you must first check your eligibility before you can apply.

    5. Employability & Co-op Expectation Session
        The last step is for the student to attend the required employability and Co-op
        expectation session. These sessions are scheduled by the Vocational Office with
        the student once the entire application is complete.

    Expectations of our Cooperative Education Process
    If you are interested in participating in BVT's Cooperative Education program, it’s important
    for you to understand your role, as well as the expectations of each party (student,
    employer, teacher, parent, and our Vocational Office) within the process.

  • More Information

    Do you have questions about our    
    Co-op Program or want to apply
    for a co-op job? Feel free to contact: 

    Kerri Baltramaitis
    Vocational Director
    P: 508-529-7758  x3412
    F: 508-529-2403

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