• Bullying Prevention

    We Take Bullying Prevention Seriously
    At BVT, we're dedicated to fostering the safety and well-being of your child, and bullying prevention is a key aspect of our mission. Research shows that feeling unsafe at school affects a student’s ability to learn, focus, and take academic risks. With safety and student success on the line, we’ve been consistent and unwavering in our work to prevent bullying. 
    The Behavioral Resource Center (BRC) provides a space and services designed to address the behavioral needs of our students. In keeping with the school’s goal of being pro-active in maintaining a safe learning environment, the BRC staff is committed to both preventative measures and timely responses regarding behavioral issues. They work in a spirit of cooperation with school and community resources to provide support services to our students and their families.

    Reporting an Incident
    Our Bullying Prevention & Intervention Form below can be used by any members of our community to report behaviors that may be those of bullying, harassment, intimidating behavior, disrespect, etc. Upon us receiving this form an investigation will occur.
  • For More Information

    Our Behavioral Resource Center's
    door is always open! For more information
    about bullying prevention contact

    Eileen Odell, 
    Behavioral Resource Center Coordinator
    508–529–7758  x3103