• Welcome to School Counseling
    High school is a time when teens begin to assert their independence. As they navigate this new landscape and test boundaries, they often experience both successes and setbacks. During this transition, they'll need to talk through academic concerns, process issues, and plan future goals. Having someone who will listen with compassion and support will help them develop a deeper understanding of who they are and what they hope to make of their futures.

    Our school counselors are here to listen. They care about the whole learner and are committed to maximizing student learning while supporting their personal and career goals. They've developed a wide range of services for our students and their parents designed to celebrate their successes and foster self-compassion, resilience, and growth.

    We can all benefit from additional support and services from time to time. Let our school counseling department assist you.

  • Our Mission
    We’re dedicated to fostering your teen's academic, career, and social-emotional well-being to promote individual talents and a curiosity for learning as they reach their full potential and become career, college, and life ready. Together, we can help you chart their course.

  • Check Out Our School Counseling Services

    • Academic & Vocational Advising
       Is your teen struggling with their academic classes or shop assignments? We're available
       to review options and connect them with teachers for extra help, tutoring services, and
       organizational support through our Learning Lab.

    • Course Planning
       Choosing high school courses can bring up many questions or even feel overwhelming
       at times. No worries, our teachers are here to make their recommendations based on
       your teen's skill level in their content area. but there are other things to consider. Does
       each class fit your teen's post-graduation plans? It can be easy to get caught up in the
       pressure to take all the highest-level courses, but we've found that doesn't typically
       serve most of our students. Creating a balanced schedule is best. We can help your
       teen build a balanced schedule that is challenging without being overwhelming while
       keeping their post-graduation plans on track. We also work with those students who
       feel they selected a course that isn't a good fit, whether that means helping them 
       move into a different class during the add/drop period or connecting them with
       academic support.

    • Career & College Planning
       Figuring out what your teen wants to do after high school and creating a plan of action
       to get there can be a challenge. Fortunately, you and your teen need not navigate it
       alone. We introduce students to a variety of career and college planning tools and
       resources, help with developing Career & College Action Plans, and are also available
       to provide individual support and guidance along the way.

    • Financial Support
       It can be hard to focus on school or postgraduation plans when your family is struggling
       financially. If this is your situation, it's okay to lean on us for support. We can connect
       your family with a variety of financial support programs offered here on campus and
       beyond. This support ensures that your teen has access to food, clothing and toiletries,
       dental care, fee waivers for standardized testing and college applications, Thanksgiving
       dinner, holiday gifts, as well as a warm, safe place to live.

    • Mental Health & Wellness
       All teens face emotional and psychological challenges as they grow into young adults.
       It's important to remember that their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are a normal part
       of this developmental transition. Yet, their response to these challenges differs widely
       from disabling disorders and transient problems to amazing resilience. To address these
       challenges, we offer mental health and wellness education to our entire student body
       and work individually with students to address their social and emotional needs. If your
       teen would benefit from additional support, our school adjustment counseling,
       counseling services through our School Based Health Center, outside counseling, and
       emergency services are here to help. They also have a variety of parent tools, tips,
       and resources to help with a struggling teen.




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