• Mental Health & Wellness
    When it comes to your teen's health and wellness, our school counselors are here to listen, guide, and provide support. Our counselors provide psychoeducation around mental health topics, such as anxiety and depression, to our entire student body. They also offer individual counseling and a variety of groups and programs for students who need more support.

    If your teen is struggling and you think they might benefit from these services, encourage them to visit their counselor or feel free to reach out directly. You don't have to do this alone, there is hope and help available.       
  • Individual Counseling

    • School Counselors:
    Our school counselors offer brief social/emotional intervention to students on their caseload and make referrals for additional support, as needed.

    School Adjustment Counselors: Our adjustment counselors provide support to referred students based on individual needs that are short-term, strength-based, and solution-focused. They meet with our students to help them identify areas of strength that they can use to address their current challenges. Your teen may only need minimal sessions to process, problem-solve, and learn about useful tools and resources, or they may need more sessions due to the severity and/or complexity of the problem.

    Riverside Clinicians: Our School Based Health Center staffs Riverside clinicians provide therapy to referred students during the school day. These clinicians can also help connect your teen with services, such as psychiatry, through the Riverside clinic.

    Cartwheel Care: As a Cartwheel Care partner, our students can access telehealth mental health services from a licensed clinician outside of school hours within seven days of a referral. Services available may include assessments, therapy, medication, and/or care coordination. Cartwheel offers virtual support for parents as well. Student and parent supports are short-term, lasting 2 to 6 months. During that time, Cartwheel will arrange longer-term services if needed.  

  • Programs & Group Services

    • Exploratory Transitions Lunch Group:
    Would your freshman benefit from additional support during Exploratory? Our Exploratory Transitions Lunch Group addresses questions and concerns that arise throughout the exploratory process. It also helps students identify strategies that may be helpful with transitioning to BVT and building connections with their classmates.

    Extended Leave Program: Does your teen need support with transitioning back to school after being absent due to a medical or mental health concern? In this program, the Extended Leave Liaison coordinates with teachers regarding any make-up work and/or accommodations, while also helping students to integrate back into the school day and classroom.

    Mindfulness Homeroom: On dedicated dates throughout the school year, all students are invited to attend our Mindfulness Homeroom. On these days, students can sign up to participate in a group mindfulness activity such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing rather than attend their regularly scheduled homeroom. 

    S.T.A.R.S: Would your teen benefit from developing and refining their social skills? S.T.A.R.S members participate in group activities embedded with opportunities to learn about and practice social skills, such as making introductions, initiating and maintaining conversations, and active listening. 

    Student Review: Our staff provides support with basic interventions, such as contacting parents/guardians and/or consulting with school counseling if they see warning signs that they are struggling with: 

    • absences from or frequent leaving of class
    • inconsistent or decline in performance
    • little observable effort
    • difficulties with concentration, anxiety, or low mood
    • unprofessional behaviors
    • difficulty with social skills
    • frequent health complaints

    If our staff concerns continue, they will refer your teen to the Student Review Team to help determine what further interventions or support should be put into place.