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    We're proud to have more than 7,500 alumni who are influencing and contributing their talents to a diverse range of businesses and industries worldwide. As alumni, you may have wondered what happened to your classmates since graduation. To satisfy your curiosity we've highlighted a few of the bright, highly motivated, and dynamic individuals that make up our growing community of BVT Alumni. Check out our Alumni Spotlights to learn more about the accomplishments our graduates have received and the inspiring things they are doing with their careers.

  • Growing Up, Gallagher
    – Posted Spring 2021

    Kate and Dad Gallagher

    A Childhood Inspired by Lifelong Learning
    Aaron Gallagher (Electronics, Class of 1993) and Kate Gallagher (Culinary Arts Class, 1996) enjoyed their time at BVT. Their dad, Jack Gallagher, taught History, Civics, Social Studies, and Driver’s Education for many years before retiring from BVT. He recently passed away after a period of declining health on November 25, 2020. The family enjoyed hearing from his former students and colleagues; it meant a lot to them. Likewise, Aaron and Kate have chosen to share more in their Alumni Spotlights:

    Kate and Aaron Gallagher With 23-years of experience in the civil engineering field, Aaron Gallagher is now a Vice President and Director of Civil Engineering at Massachusetts-based Nitsch Engineering, where he has provided design and consulting services on a wide range of projects. He is proud to say that his educational background includes four years at Blackstone Valley Tech. Ultimately his education, combined with ‘wandering,’ set him on a course that has served him well.

    With over 20-years of experience in the news radio industry, Kate Gallagher is Senior Editor in Charge at WBZ News Radio 1030. She now manages all local news coverage and supervises and supports her team of reporters and editors on a wide range of local news stories. “I gained confidence and an understanding of how the world works, what it means to have a job, be part of a team, and collaborate with others at BVT,” said Kate. “While these things translate into all careers, I consider them invaluable in how I got to where I am today.”

    Read more about Aaron in All Who Wander Are Not Lost and Kate in Newsworthy Pursuits.


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    Restaurant Takeover
    Restaurant Takeover
    Depot Street Tavern Hands Over Their Kitchen to Our Student Chefs

    A big “Thank you,” goes out to Adam Hicks (Culinary Arts, Class of 2001), and his entire team at Depot Street Tavern in Milford for their guidance and hospitality. In June they allowed eighteen juniors from our Culinary Arts program and four instructors to take over their restaurant to prepare and serve over 75 meals as part of a fundraiser event. As you know, these real-world experiences are invaluable to our students.

    The fundraiser supported the culinary arts senior class trip, a three-day “foodie tour” of a different region of Cape Cod. Our students plan to tour farms, wineries, and food factories like a hot sauce maker and a coffee roaster. Of course eating at a few restaurants from clam shacks to fine dining resorts is on the list. Almost all of the funds to pay for this trip (including meals and lodging) is raised by our students at events like this one, as well as our Gingerbread House Decorating Workshop and by running the BVT concession stand.

    BVT alumni who work or have worked at Depot Street Tavern or Maddi’s Tap House:
    • Adam Hicks – Proprietor
    • Buddy Bartlett – Sous Chef
    • Kim Haslam – Sous Chef
    • Amanda Kiesman – Bartender
    • Alex Burgess – Line Cook
    • Zach Crosby – Line Cook
    • Lindsey Simmons – Line Cook
    • Kellen Kearnan – Line Cook
    • David Lozeau – Line Cook
    • Max Pfeiffer – Line Cook

    Adam had a few things to share about the event over Twitter. “The effort, time, and professionalism the @bvths Junior Culinary Arts class showed towards this project was amazing!!!! The student takeover of @depot_st_tavern_ went all but flawless, and truly exceeded all my expectations as a business owner. I know I speak for my staff when I say, we were truly amazed!! Congrats and well done!!! Oh and this is now an annual event!!”
    (#depotsttavern and bvths @depot_st_tavern_)