• FAQ for Co-op Employers
    Q:  How many hours does a student need to work?
    A:  A student is required to work a minimum of 30 hours on their scheduled shop cycle.
    Q:  Do I need to pay the student?
    A:  It is an expectation that the student will be paid unless there is a time limited externship program approved through BVT. 
    Q: Do I need to pay the student minimum wage?
    A: Yes, the student is considered your employee and therefore should receive the state's minimum wage.
    Q:  Does a student work every week?
    A:  No, the student follows Blackstone Valley Tech's school calendar.  However, it is between the employer and the student if they student will work during BVT's holidays. (The calendar can be found on the BVT's Co-op Website under General Information) 
    Q:  What happens in inclement weather?
    A:  Students are advised that if they are scheduled to work and inclement weather occurs, they must abide what the employer has established. For example, if school is cancelled due to snow, students are advised that they do not follow BVT's schedule but rather the employer.
    Q:  How often do I need to grade the student?
    A:  Every week that the student works at your company, an assessment must be performed on the student. Students will provide a time sheet weekly to the direct supervisor. The company representative is responsible for providing feedback and confirming student work schedule.