• Capture the Memories & Accomplishments
    Seniors, there is no better way to capture the memories and accomplishments of your time at BVT than with a limited-edition yearbook. From funny day-to-day moments to sports, activities, and milestones, your yearbook is a keepsake time capsule of your high school years.
    The years will come and go, but whether five or fifty years from now, you'll be glad you can flip through your yearbook to relive great times with special friends.

    Updates will be posted here as they become available, please check back often!

  • Our Yearbooks Are Sold Out
    Our yearbook staff sold a new school record of 490 yearbooks. Great job!
    Yearbook Distribution
    • June – stay tuned for more information.

    • To be placed on the waitlist for the 2022 yearbook,
       please e-mail yearbook@valleytech.k12.ma.us
    • We'll need the student's name, grade, and shop.

  • FAQ

    Senior Portraits
    Q:  Do I have to use a certain photographer for my senior portrait? 
    A:  No, you may use any photographer of your choice for senior portraits. 
    Q:  When do I need to submit my photo? 
    A:  November 1st
    Q:  How do I submit my senior portrait? 
    A:  Link to submit will be posted after August 1st. Stay tuned.
          NOTE: If your photos are taken by Morin Studio they will send them to us directly
    Q:  What are the portrait guidelines? 
    A:   Your senior portrait must follow these guidelines:       

          • Dress must be school appropriate wardrobe
          • Images must be vertical, the minimum size is 2" x 2.5"       
          • High-resolution file (300 dpi JPG)
          • Label photo with student name and ID#
          • Screenshots, watermarked, or pictures pulled from websites, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. 
             will not be accepted! Your photographer should be able to provide a sufficient file. 

    Q:  What if I don’t get custom senior portraits taken? 
    A:  We will use your ID photo taken by Morin Studio
    Q:  What about my baby picture? 
    A:  The deadline to submit your baby picture is also November 1st.
         Link to submit will be posted after August 1st. Stay tuned.
    Yearbook Content 
    Q.  How do I submit my Senior Biography?
    Link to submit will be posted after September 1st. Stay tuned.
    Q.  Can I submit other pictures from senior year to Yearbook?
    A.  YES, in fact, we'd love that! Please, only submit photos from the current school year. 

    Q.  How do I submit them?
    A.  Send your photos to bvtyearbook@gmail.com.
    Ordering a Yearbook 
    Q:  How do I purchase my yearbook? 
    A:  Jostens will be sending you e-mails once ordering opens up.
          Link to purchase will be posted after August 1st.
    Q:  When is the deadline for ordering a 2023 yearbook
    A:  Orders must be placed by January 31, 2023
    Q:  When will I get my yearbook? 
    A:  Exact date TBD.
    Q:  What if my parents want to buy a Student Recognition Ad?
    A:  Jostens will be sending you e-mails for this too!
          Note: Ad space is limited and is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
    If you have additional questions, please e-mail Ms. McCabe or Mr. Millette: yearbook@valleytech.k12.ma.us
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    Yearbook 2021 Photo Credit

    2021 Senior Yearbooks
    We have a number of yearbooks
    waiting for you in the Main Office.
    Please pick them up any weekday
    between 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

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