• Our 2022 Annual Report is Here!
    Thanks to our community, during the Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022), our students received an outstanding vocational-technical education.
    “In FY22, we were strategic and resilient in carrying out our mission despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. We expanded our vocational offerings and opened our Biotechnology program, which welcomed its first class of students. We embraced the arts and culture within our community with our Arts Heals: Shine Your Light Chalk Festival, Day of Silence, and Multicultural Festival. And we pursued nearly $2 million in grants that continue to support your regional vocational-technical school system.”

    – Dr. Michael F. Fitzpatrick, Superintendent-Director
    With your continued support, we prepare our students for personal and professional success in an internationally competitive society through a fusion of rigorous vocational, technical, and academic skills. Therefore, it is our custom to go beyond sharing the facts and figures of our operation in the pages of our annual report and share student success stories and district achievements that exemplify our mission.
    To uphold this level of success, we encourage our students, administrators, and staff to hone their skills, believe in themselves, and pursue their dreams. To do this, we must harness the powerful driving force from within and come to understand that the distance between our dreams and reality is action. Therefore, our 2022 Annual Report titled Powerful Driving Force takes an inside look at our operations and accomplishments over the last year, which include:
    • An Alumni Profile: A Powerful Driving Force
    • A New Shop: On the Cutting Edge of Science
    • A Look at Our Graduates: Career, College & Life Ready 
    • And much more...
    Demonstrating what is achievable with their high-quality education, our students and alumni are our best ambassadors for vocational-technical education. They shape our future workforce with an open mind and skilled hands.

  • Browse Our Annual Report!

    Once again our students,
    staff, and alumni have wildly
    exceeded our expectations.

    2022 Annual Report
    Download our Annual Report:
    Powerful Driving Force
    and join us
    in recognizing the remarkable
    achievements they have made.

    You can also obtain a copy by
    contacting the Superintendent-Director’s
    Office at 508–529–7758  x3037.

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