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Guide to Students’ Responsibilities in the Scholarship Application Process

  • Check BVT scholarship site daily for new scholarship opportunities.
  • Before filling out applications, make a working copy in order to “rough out” responses. Look over the entire application to determine what parts the student must complete.
  • Obtain and keep one to two letters of recommendation available. (Scholarships often require a letter of recommendation). If asking someone for a letter of recommendation, make sure that you give them at least two weeks notice.
  • Keep and use information from Employability Classes to assist your completion of applications.
  • Create a reference list of extra-curricula activities at BVT and in the community in which you have participated.
  • Emphasize any leadership responsibilities that you may have had such as class officer or co- captain of a team.
  • Keep a list handy of volunteer activities that you have participated in at BVT and in the community. Scholarship applications often look for commitment in these activities such as “Every week I volunteer two hours for my town library.”
  • Complete all materials for scholarships neatly, accurately and on time. Deadlines are important. Keep in mind that if a Transcript is needed with the application that you need to request this from Guidance at least three business days before the deadline.
  • Check places where you work, your own town Guidance Department, and any clubs or organizations where you belong for scholarship opportunities.
  • Check and recheck the application for accuracy.
  • Make a personal copy of your application. File for safe keeping.
  • Make an appointment with your counselor if you have additional questions or need further explanations.


How Your School Counselor Can Help
  • During employability classes, each counselor will present information on:
    • How to read the scholarship applications, (eligibility criteria, application requirements, deadlines)
    • How to use the BVT web site to view scholarship opportunities
    • Time management for applying for multiple scholarships
  • If a student has additional questions or needs further explanations, the counselor will be available for an individual appointment. (There are sign up sheets in the School Counseling Office.)
  • If a student needs a letter of recommendation from his/her counselor, an individual appointment must be scheduled. (The counselor usually needs to ask some questions before writing the letter.) Please request these meetings at least 2 weeks prior to the application deadline date.


How Parents Can Help
  • Discuss with your son/daughter your willingness to help complete applications.
  • Review the scholarships on BVT’s website with your son/daughter on a regular basis (at least once a week) > school counseling > scholarship opportunities
  • Help your son/daughter organize scholarship applications by deadlines.
  • Read the application with your son/daughter after it is complete.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to set up an appointment with his/her counselor to answer any questions that remain AFTER he/she has completed as much as he/she can.
  • Keep copies of applications. (Sometimes different scholarships may ask for the same information).
  • Check your place of employment, and any clubs or organizations where you belong for additional scholarship opportunities.
  • Check clubs and organizations of other family members i.e. Grandparents
  • Help your son/daughter manage the time that is necessary to complete the applications to avoid stress.



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