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Art ClassStudents gain a greater understanding of visual expression, design principles, the elements of art, and develop visual organization in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional concepts. Students explore and experiment with a variety of fine art and design categories applying problem solving skills and critical thinking to execute challenging exercises and assignments. Exposure to numerous material applications and technical techniques allows students to develop a vocabulary specific to the study of fine arts and design. The Visual Arts Program expands students’ cultural awareness and fosters conceptual processing related to an expanding visual society.

Art ShowStudents are provided with a variety of materials that support each lesson. Each area of study consists of a handout exhibiting the following: vocabulary, objectives, articles, artists, project process imagery, resource imagery, analysis (rubric), and homework. In addition, students receive visual presentations that include: prior student work related to the lesson, completed project example created by instructor, related artist imagery, and related videos. Step-by-step demonstrations of material application, specific techniques, and safety regulations concerning tool and supply use are provided to support project process and hands-on learning experiences.

Each of the four courses available within the Visual Arts Program (Introduction to Visual Art, Two-Dimensional Art, Three-Dimensional Art, and Art History) exposes students to national and international museums and galleries, classical and contemporary artists, and arts related events. Lessons integrate areas of study that include history, science, math, and social studies that cross-pollinate through either aesthetic or conceptual relationships. Students are introduced to how art and design is interwoven into numerous outlets throughout our everyday lives.

Gallery 09BVT Collage

Semester 01

Gallery 10

Semester -01 - Blind Contour Portraits

Gallery 11

Semester -01 - Deconstructed Books

Gallery 12

Semester -01 - Cave Paintings


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